chadrem: At zanzibar with #toc people feel free to introduce yourself

andrewsavikas: Zanzibar is already bustling for #TOC cocktail party

chelseagreen: Great first day at #toc. People were interested in our story. Made great contacts. Looking forward to tomorrow.

michaelhyatt: The O'Reilly reception is nuts. Too many people in too small a room. #TOC

eesullivan: Learning lots of interesting stuff via @chadrem's tweets and blog posts from #toc conference.

jameybennett: @MichaelHyatt I am enjoying your updates from #TOC! Keep them coming.

dslessing: @ftoolan and I heading to Zanzibar #toc

jcsimonds: Many thanks @ronhogan, @katmeyer and others for sharing your #toc experiences!

TUnderwood: RT @mikecane: #TOC #notattoc A reminder that print is dying EVERY DAY: (a bit morbid)

worleygirl: Wow. No line at LGA taxi stand and cabbie is FLYIN'. I may make to the #TOC event after all!

fgossieaux: @KatMeyer @thewritermama @mariaschneider @CuriousTwit @RonHogan @betsyp @kate_eltham - thanks for attending our session at #toc

modernevil: This just in: I have little/no cocktail party skills/experience. Sitting quietly by myself. #ToC

mariaduron: RT@Springbaby31: #TOC Terrific first day! If ur not attending, presentation docs are available online from O'Reilly

michaelhyatt: The O’Reilly reception was a bust. I could barely move. I’m not sure what outcome they hoped for, but I left early. #TOC

tobiasbuckell: Hanging out at the broadway lounge before the #toc Twitter meetip at 8.30. Come say hi LOL

chadrem: All hail Antonio the beer fairy #toc

HCPBlogging: Enjoyed a drink at The View, top of Marriott after #TOC with Jesse from @chelseagreen and @bruceshaw, great views

BruceShaw: Enjoyed a drink at The View, top of Marriott after #TOC with Jesse from @chelseagreen and @hcpblogging,great views

SmartBitches: I am about to sync my iPhone with my #TOC calendar. I wonder if this will work easily or if I will curse at it a lot.

ami_with_an_i: Mediabistro party is crowded! Lots of salesmen. #toc

SmartBitches: #TOC calendar: I'm busy! Holy smokes! When will I find time to roam the exhibit hall and drool at all the new technology?

glecharles: blogged: "Building Communities Around Content #TOC" -