chadrem: If I got paid for what I might be hooking up right now at #toc my life would be perfect

AnnKingman: @BookCalendar enjoyed your recap of the first session of #toc. Thanks!

michaelhyatt: I'm trying to decide whether or not to get out again and go to the TweetUp on Ninth Avenue. I'm being so productive in my room! #TOC


totai: At the Firebrand tweetup in Manhattan. #toc

apierrot: #toc tutorials day, morning © by CCC, good, clear status of US law — open landscape for the future?

apierrot: #toc tutorials day, morning © by CCC, good, clear status of US law — open landscape for the future?

michaelhyatt: Alright, I’ll stop being a party-pooper. I’m on my way to the Tweet-up. #TOC

apierrot: #toc schedule for XML in Practice: B. Kasdorf, TEI, DocBook, NLM, DTBook, have a look towards DITA as innovation

apierrot: #toc R. Kelly & J. Gardner, math and graphics for vision impaired, impressive, effective! kudos!

bamiller664: On my way home from #toc. So far a really good conference. Look forward to tomorrow. Stop by the Impelsys Booth 8.

apierrot: #toc Norman Walsh (phone call missed most :-( ) geoloc and XML — obviously brilliant — and over scope for a tutorial

tsattersten: In NYC for O'Reilly's Tools of Change conference, more on that over the next couple of days #toc

apierrot: #toc M. DeMeglio, DAISY update, a lot to test — issues to be checked about constraints in the publishing chain. Anyhow, epub+DTbook is it...

apierrot: #toc XML round table How do you guys manage effective workflow? Answer: — well, depends on the case (to keep it short...)

apierrot: #toc general: either my Mac is out or conf wifi sucks: no more than a few secs of connexion, mess with pwd => no avail for live tweets

ljndawson: #toc - at the Tweetup: "I'm on South Beach and this is my fruit. 140." Yes, yes!!!!

Liza: Abruptly ran out of steam after cocktail reception, and have work to do anyway. Sorry, #toc tweetup!

jtallent: Headed to #toc tweetup. With this much walking I'm going to lose 10 lbs.

WWofP: @smartbitches #TOC Let's meet at TOC!

CuriousTwit: got his free cocktail at #toc. Although it wasn't a free cocktail. Not that I'm complaining -- a free drink is a free drink. That is: good.

WWofP: O'Reilly #TOC in Publishing party fun at Zanzibar on 9th Avenue. Crowded.

modernevil: Doing much better at 2nd party (#ToC tweetup). Completely different energy here.

jtallent: #toc help! Where is kemia bar? I'm at 630 9th ave, but don't see it

jwikert: Just got back from the #TOC gathering at Zanzibar and the Tweetup at Kemia. Thanks to for sponsoring the latter!

Springbaby31: Winding down for the evening and looking forward to Day 2 at #TOC. Wishing you a restful night.

TracyMarchini: Posted some ebook notes from the #toc conference

thewritermama: Hope everyone had fun at the parties! See ya tomorrow. Don't forget about my roundtable Tuesday night: How to help authors sell books...#TOC

kishizuka: @katmeyer @booksquare @Ftoolan Enjoyed the #TOC Bookish Tweetup. Thank you!

michaelhyatt: Thank God for Google Maps and GPS on the iPhone. I just left the reception and got turned around. I'm okay now. #TOC

kate_eltham: Gah, how can I CHOOSE between so many great panels tomorrow? #TOC

annmichael: Finally turning in after a long (and fun and informative and productive) day at #TOC!

hsanderson: Completley forgot about the tweet up!!! So sorry! Is anyone still there? #toc

dslessing: Wrapping up the Tweetup hosted by @katmeyer. Nice vibe. Great talk. Thanks Kat! #toc

ami_with_an_i: @katmeyer & @booksquare just threw the best party! #toc

RonHogan: RT @ami_with_an_i "@katmeyer & @booksquare just threw the best party! #toc" I'll confirm that! Great job, you two.

bsandusky: #toc

laureltouby: just landed at JFK! in time for my speech at t'morrow's #TOC conf. Happy to be home, no traffic. Joy!

peachykm13: got tweets re #toc: didn't know what it was: thoroughbred owners of america? table of contents? aha-"tools of change" (digi) publishing conf

peachykm13: R tweets @ #toc more cyber navel-gazing a la tweeting @ twitter? sure can B solipsistic but also emergent co-learning. likely both.

peachykm13: R tweets @ #toc more cyber navel-gazing a la tweeting @ twitter? sure can B solipsistic but also emergent co-learning. more both-ness.

modernevil: Walking 'home' to my hotel. Feet sure I should have given up long ago. #ToC bright & early tomorrow.

RonHogan: Sure, other #toc panels may be cool, but only my panel Weds afternoon has a real live cyborg on the dais: @tobiasbuckell!

shanakimball: #Toc, I'm having to make some tough choices tomorrow; these panels are an embarrassment of riches:

KristianHansen: Damn, Press Conference on Thursday w/ @lancearmstrong in Sacramento, Basso, Cavendish, Levi, etc . Should be fun! #ToC

track_stand: Damn, Press Conference on Thursday w/ @lancearmstrong in Sacramento, Basso, Cavendish, Levi, etc . Should be fun! #ToC

angelajames: Home from #TOC tweetup. Flirtinis were excellent as was networking n conversation

KatMeyer: thank u so much, @ftoolan @dslessing & @booksquare AND all the fantastic bookish tweeps who stopped by to celebrate #TOC! u r awesome. :)

kirkbiglione: Best #toc party ever! Great job @katmeyer and @booksquare. And thanks to Firebrand for sponsoring.

kate_eltham: @KatMeyer it was an awesome party, thanks for inviting me! #TOC

modernevil: Tomorrow's red shirt ironed; too tired to do others. Find me at #ToC Tues: 1st to mention midnight ironing gets a free copy of my new novel.

Weegee: Oh my is it late. I will be the one at #toc tomorrow dragging a snack containing an unconscious sandman.

venndiagram8: @jeffpulver and @chrisbrogan stopped by the #TOC Bookish TweetUp. Great to meet them. Looking forward to more tomorrow at #SocComm

Springbaby31: @RevzNexus Will u be at #TOC on Tues AM? I will be, Hope to meet u there!

venndiagram8: Great conversations @ #TOC Bookish TweetUp. Great folks like @DavidDurand, @softskull, @billtrippe @podiobooks & @kirbiglione. #SocComm

thecadencegrp: Thankyou @KatMeyer @bpoksquare and everyone else for the fun party. Good luck at #TOC tomorrow!

venndiagram8: Kemia Bar was a great spot for the #TOC Bookish Tweetup. Thx Firebrand Technologies! Enjoyed meeting folks from

chadrem: Who knew that at #toc I would find out the secret to life!

jimhandi: Can you learn on purpose? Writers, New and not so new, take a look, America needs you. #tcot #toc #faith Are U Ready?

pablod: #toc today.

AnnKingman: Tweeting helped me not miss #toc so much, but I am really said I missed the party thrown by @KatMeyer and @Booksquare.

marcyjill: Getting ready to go to NYC today. Attending O'Reilly TOC and hoping for some good stuff. #toc

agmcarter: #toc

andrewspong: #toc Will the slides from the eBooks I session ( appear here eventually?

sarahw: @drmabuse @THE_REAL_SHAQ at #toc would be awesome but I think he's making a video appearance at the Shorty awards later this week...

sarahw: @KatMeyer @booksquare THANK YOU for throwing such an awesome party last night! #toc

KPub: Debating whether to bring laptop to #TOC today -- it will only be useful for 3 hours and then it will be worthless ball & chain (no outlets)

sarahw: Also, random thought before dragging ass to #toc: I want to see T.C. Boyle interact with book club ladies. It would be all kinds of awesome.

toc: #toc morning keynoter Peter Brantley runs a great email list that we mirror at

chrisbrogan: Ridiculously giddy about getting the chance for coffee with @davegray of Xplane fame. Fan of his since 2005. #toc

booksquare: thank you @frantoolan and @katmeyer for great great party. #toc

CuriousTwit: watches avenues bustle from the 38th floor. Two boats cross on the Hudson. Life is about choices. He has some tough ones today at #toc

annmichael: getting ready to meet more neat people at #TOC today - great crowd!