angelajames: #toc iRex reader

kirkbiglione: Overheard: "I call it meta-twittering, because they're all twittering about twittering". A meta-meta twitter from #toc

michaelhyatt: I need to see the Plastic Logic eBook reader. They are exhibiting here at the conference. Did I mention that I like gadgets? #TOC

DavidDurand: kirtas roboscanner (whatever they call it) at #toc

GlennF: @adamengst #TOC is a conference I'd love to attend, but the economics of book publishing don't afford me the $1,000s in travel, reg.

urbanhipster: Thanks @frageelay @cherylpickett @mikecane for clearing up HARO and #toc! (And thanks to the 700 people who did *not* say "Google it.") :)

kirkbiglione: Saw demo of upcoming stanza app last night. One click purchasing from fictionwise coming to iPhone. #toc

mariaschneider: @chrisbrogan I've been following your coverage of #toc Chris. Thanks for the great job you're doing there.

geoffcox: Looking for the Espresso book-making machine #toc

Doctor_V: Hopefully someone will summarize #TOC somewhere on the web. Or I would love to see clips

angelajames: APT Bookscan machine #toc

Doctor_V: @Doctor_V I must attend next year. Sounds crazy cool #TOC

toc: RT @michaelhyatt: Need to see the Plastic Logic eBook reader. They are exhibiting here at #TOC. Did I mention that I like gadgets?

mkirschenbaum: next up: Jon Orwant, from Google Book Search #toc

pablod: #toc just saw a nifty WYSIWYG XML environment for editors.

pablod: #toc and now the see-thru espresso machine!

chapmanchapman: Bob Stein said nothing new (still clever though), Peter Brantley was redundant, Cory Doctorow was hilarious. #toc

toc: RT @angelajames: APT Bookscan machine #toc

michaelhyatt: The O’Reilly #TOC conference is great. If you want to discuss business-as-usual, go to another conference. This one is about the future!

chapmanchapman: Thanks for the $2.50 bottle of water Starbucks, this will help the hangover and punish the wallet. #toc

laurahazardowen: just posted: ten takeaways from @chrisbrogan's blogging and social media tutorial #TOC

angelajames: #toc espresso book machine

jane_l: rt: @kirkbiglione: Saw demo of upcoming stanza app last night. One click purchasing from fictionwise coming to iPhone. #toc

kendrickjd: @pablod 90% of my editors are terrified of xml. #toc

MatchesMalone: RT @chrisbrogan: "A book is a place for readers (and sometimes authors) to congregate," - Bob Stein, #toc

cherylpickett: @mikecane #TOC I don't agree, if an author wants to make $ & royalty model stays same, very difficult to earn $, effort to write is =

soufron: #toc and now... dan gilmor

modernevil: Front & center for Scott Meyers, Authoring Challenges in a Multiplatform World. #ToC

joebachana: #toc in RIT Open Publishing Lab session --> novel implementation of Drupal in R&D setting to explore multi-channel publishing

TAC_NISO: despite the email with a capitalized wifi pwd a lowercase pwd works on the TOC network. Why even bother with WPA for 500 people? #toc

cherylpickett: With regard to price of ebooks, if authors don't value their content who will? Price shouldn't be much less than print #TOC

RITOPL: #TOC - Getting ready to present...

soufron: @ClementineNYC a un vocabulaire peu châtié #toc

thewritermama: And now Scott Meyers, Ph.D. on Authoring Challenges in a multi-platform world. (Hopefully he won't talk as fast as CD!) #TOC

marind: @soufron Peux-tu m'envoyer tes notes, si tu en prends? Je suis à l'atelier "Taking Open Source Publishing Further" pour ma part #TOC

Brainmaker: #toc - here's one: Think of all the good dreams we've forgotten, take the sum of that energy, convert into heart-ful actions and good will.

SmartBitches: geeks need coffee. Smart conference organizers rule #toc

ami_with_an_i: @Colleen_Lindsay Yes! Hopefully I will see you at Lolita tonight! #toc

thewritermama: For those who don't know, I'm tweeting from the Tools of Change Conference in NYC. My comments are parenthetical. #TOC

jwikert: #TOC Just got my first glimpse of the Plastic Logic device in the TOC Expo Hall. Very cool...although it also looks quite fragile.

shanakimball: About to hear the folks from RIT open publishing lab re open source pub tools. #toc

Fraser: Settling into Dan Gilmor's session at #toc. Wondering if any friends are around.