chapmanchapman: Hoping this Adobe presentation answers all the Apple rumors. Probably too much to hope for. #toc

robotech_master: @chelseagreen Why would I want a PDF? They don't look good on my iPhone, and don't view at all on my old Clie 415. #toc

TOCConNow: by @GlennF: @adamengst #TOC is a conference I'd love to attend, but the economics of book publishing don't afford me the $1,000s in trave...

TOCConNow: by @modernevil: Plastic Logic's new eReader is even sexier & sleeker (&thinner!) in person. #ToC

CathleenRitt: Learned from Laurel Touby that the # comes before the code. So hope that doesn't really screw things up that I did it wrong #TOC

TOCConNow: by @kirkbiglione: Saw demo of upcoming stanza app last night. One click purchasing from fictionwise coming to iPhone. #toc

pdlug: #toc why do I seem to keep picking the most sparsely attended sessions?

RuelBass: at the Riding the Social Networking Wave session...stand by for tweets... #TOC

mikecane: PDF = The File Format From Hell. #TOC Be sure to ask Adobe why PDF reflow on Sony Reader is all ass!

chadrem: Just had a GREAT chat at lunch with @missingmanuals editor @petermeyers (and my former boss) at #toc

thewritermama: #TOC I agree: Great music between sessions at TOC. #TOC

pablod: RT @modernevil: Plastic Logic's new eReader is even sexier & sleeker (&thinner!) in person. it is! #toc

eykd: Adobe: eBooks as open, multiplatform ecosystem. #toc

robotech_master: Are the e-books rising yet? Did they remember to put the yeast in? #toc

modernevil: @chelseagreen Not just PDFs, probably you'll hear epub & multi-form like Smashwords, but all hopefully DRM-free. #ToC

pablod: panel starting. #toc

totai: Woohoo, I fuund powerstrips, thanks #toc!

ami_with_an_i: Tried to talk about anything but The Future of the Book at lunch; mostly failed. #toc

eykd: Adobe: Everybody, PDF is for dead tree final forms. That's where ePub comes in. #toc

TAC_NISO: McCoy: cool announcements from Adobe coming #toc

RonHogan: #toc This panel is basically social networking as a promotion tool for self-published authors.

jtallent: I just had lunch with some great guys. @cart and two guys from Amazon (!!) #toc

billtrippe: Excellent turnout for The of eBooks Session at #toc

geoffcox: Just bought Scott Berkum's book -- printed on-demand by an Espresso Book Machine. Cool! #toc

pablod: Amazon disclosed that 10% of sales are ebooks, when book is available in both p and e. #toc

megfischer: #toc does everyone here twitter???

RonHogan: #toc "democratization of distribution" is a misnomer; so far it's all about marketing.

sarahw: #toc ebooks: on rise over last 11 mos but still less than 1 percent of total sales

robotech_master: @pablod Didn't we hear this from Amazon yesterday? #toc

eykd: Adobe: Ooo, ePub works closely w/ DAISY DTBook. #toc

tsattersten: ebooks sales are 1/2 of 1% of book sales according to the #toc The Rise of eBooks panel.

SterlingBooks: I keep hearing about Doctorow at #TOC - I really hope it's E.L. Doctorow. I bet he has lots of interesting things to say about the internets

totai: OK - so now we are referring to traditional books as "p-books"? Sorry, I don't think I can bring myself to say that! #toc

billtrippe: #toc Mark Coker of Smashwords, eBooks are 1/2 of 1% of total book sales, but rising sharply, while print books sales are flat or declining

robotech_master: @pablod Oh, that's what you were saying. But Amazon was talking about their store alone, not industry as a whole. #toc

eykd: Adobe: If there's one thing Adobe seems to do well, it's universal formats. #toc

kirkbiglione: David Rothman offering historical perspective on why ebook market was slow to take off. Price and DRM, naturally. #toc

robotech_master: @totai I always say "tree-books" myself. #toc

eykd: Adobe: Adobe Buzzword, free web-based document creation -> ePub format. #toc

chelseagreen: Just heard a new term: p-book. As opposed to e-book. (print-book) I hope it doesn't take off. #toc

robotech_master: @kirkbiglione Cool, tell him Chris Meadows says hi. :) #toc

eykd: Adobe: Buzzword, Google Docs of the Adobe world? #toc

KathrynC: #toc EBook panel: love the concept of "the speed of ink" (pertains to refresh speed of digital "ink")

apierrot: Bill McCoy Adobe Buzzword native ePub editor #toc

nikan: RT @timoreilly: Cory Doctorow to Publishers at #TOC: Demand Option To *Not* Use DRM

thedigitalist: #toc Bill McCoy: .epub export added to Adobe Buzzword

shanakimball: Smashwords' @markcoker on the podium, asking good q's of panelists re future of e-books. #toc

joebachana: #TOC re: RIT OPL and Drupal installation profiles:

trovebooks: #toc rise of the ebook session ... hopefully this turns out better for us than rise of the terminators

modernevil: @totai I think it's just David Rothman pushing "p-books" for paper books. But it's picking up a bit of stickiness. #ToC

chelseagreen: @robotech_master PDF because the ecosystem already exists. If epub offers more access, I'm all for it. #toc

TAC_NISO: McCoy: .epub export added to authoring part of Adobe Buzzword (free server flash player page layout cloud app) next release "very soon" #toc

sarahw: #toc ebooks: every 18 mos e ink speed doubles. New sizes, screens, countries in 2009.

totai: RT @robotech_master: I always say "tree-books" myself. #toc I like that better!

ChronicleBooks: Following the great coverage of the future of publishing at the Tools of Change conference in NYC. Search #toc

angelinaward: #toc posting my first tweet at TOC conference - thanks to all posting about the other sessions

RonHogan: #toc this presentation may be turning into a weRead infomercial

RuelBass: Facebook 200M users per month. argh. #TOC

eykd: Word of the day: reflow #toc

pablod: E-Ink 2009: next with E Ink:new sizes: smaller and larger; new countries; touch and pen interfaces; flexible displays like PlasticLogic #toc

Fraser: brings your social graph to contextually relevant book places across the web: amazon, b&n, wikipedia, and others #toc

kirkbiglione: Wilcox from eInk. coming in 2009, multiple size displays, new territories. 2010 touch screen and possibly color. #toc

jtallent: Future of eInk - 2009: new screen sizes, touch and pen interfaces, flexible displays - 2010: more flexible screens, possibly full color #toc

robotech_master: @modernevil @totai There really hasn't been a good "one-word" term for print books vs. e-books. I still prefer tree-books, though. #toc

pablod: 2010: flexible and large sizes, enabling ad sales. late 2010; colour. 2011-beyond, colour roadmap. #toc

cart: Russell Wilcox, CEO of E-Ink: "E-Ink speeds increasing at the rate of Moore's Law. Usable speed in 06. In 2010 flexible color screens. #toc

eykd: Adobe: announcement: Acrobat export PDF to ePUB. #toc

chelseagreen: @modernevil I'm for anything DRM free and universal. #toc

macudc: #toc color ebooks in 2010, beyond that then flexible screens that will enable large formats

maureenjennings: Andrew Savikas announced more news from #TOC: Bookworm Online EPUB Reader Now Part of O'Reilly Labs

KatMeyer: now in "The Rise of eBooks" w/Mark Coker, Joe Wikert, , April Hamilton, David Rothman & Russell Wilcox. #TOC

joebachana: #TOC back online at conf. Rosenblatt preso on Google settlement w/ book industry was terrific.White paper here:

totai: Stop saying uh. #toc

eykd: Adobe: I don't know about PDF -> ePub. He used the word "heuristic". This sounds like a process that will REQUIREbabysitting. #toc

sarieb: #toc Per eInk, Russ wilcox: End 2010 first full color epaper devices!

kendrickjd: @eykd I thought the word was going to be ecosystem. #toc

robotech_master: @totai Uh, sorry. I, uh, didn't know you could, uh, hear me. :P #toc

KatMeyer: David Rothman: small presses most progressive when it comes to DRM free adoption. #TOC

mikecane: #TOC iBook = INKbook

chriswebb: This is a big deal. RT @eykd: Adobe: announcement: Acrobat export PDF to ePUB. #toc

RonHogan: Don't get me wrong; my #toc talk tomorrow is itself nearly an infomercial, although I prefer the term "case study."

pablod: Who the fuck doesn't realize that DRM is bad at this point? #toc

totai: My friend Joe Wikert, great guy, great things to say. Check his blog at #toc

joebachana: #toc in the Rights & Licensing session in Broadway South conf room. how to ensure rights are honored but content gets out there

jtallent: I'm searching for _#toc_ live on TweetGrid Search - #toc

thedigitalist: #toc Bill McCoy: Adobe working on .epub export from Acrobat. Injecting structure from the .pdf is the challenge

ami_with_an_i: Just joined the Rise of the eBooks session, already in progress. DRM: not very popular at TOC. #toc

DavidDurand: @chelseagreen @robotech_master We use PDF at #tizra because that's where the data is. As there's more data elsewhere, we'll move there. #toc

joebachana: #toc 89% of users regularly forward digital content to others,

robotech_master: @pablod Off hand, I would say the people pushing it. #toc

CuriousTwit: didn't mean that sort of riding and has chosen The Rise of eBooks, with Coker, Wilkert, Hamilton, Rothman and Wilcox at #toc

tsattersten: Founder of eInk says interaction with screens soon, flex screens by year-end, and the first color screens by end of 2010. #toc

TAC_NISO: McCoy: Adobe Acrobat to add Export Plug-in for .epub. Aspose word converter also embedded library for epub creation. More tools coming #TOC

marsee: RT @eykd: Adobe: announcement: Acrobat export PDF to ePUB. #toc

totai: He did not just ask that question did he? #toc

sarahw: #toc wikert: e books must add value, opportunies to enrich experience.

kirkbiglione: J.Wikert encouraging publishers to consider possibilities in migration to e. Think beyond straight migration from print to digital. #toc

eykd: @kendrickjd: Ecosystem: 1 session; Reflow: 3 in a row so far. #toc

pablod: Rich media books. #toc

mochasteak: #TOC Session on "Riding Social Networking Wave" turned into a pitch for Lulu's soc. networking app. Annoying.

kate_eltham: @KatMeyer hell yes. #TOC

eykd: Adobe: ePub open source: Docbook, EPUBcheck, EPUBGen. Woo! #toc

robotech_master: @mochasteak You should have gone to "Rise of the E-Books." :P #toc

joebachana: #toc Nancy Ziser, Director Digital Rights, Wiley & Sons up

ValWorkman: @KatMeyer Keep it coming, I've never seen anything like this #toc. Your fantastic, you all need to start following her posts.

cart: Joe Wikert, O'Reilly Media: "ebooks need to move beyond the ported p-book experience." #toc

cmaisannes: David Rothman SAYS "p book" and "e" just like he types it. I have to say, I'm not a fan of that as shorthand. #TOC

electricbook: RT @thedigitalist: #toc Bill McCoy: .epub export added to Adobe Buzzword [Great news! Looking forward to trying it out.]

DavidDurand: Enjoying @mkirschenbaum s #toc talk, but wondering what the publishing types are making of it. Old ACH hacks like me can't really tell.

totai: Joe has a blog called and he just said he is leaning more toward the iPhone. #toc

megfischer: does anyone read books on their iphone? #toc

RonHogan: #toc I hear Charles Platt's next #boingboing post was going to be "Yay! DRM for everyone!"

dslessing: RT @jtallent: Future of eInk - 2009: new screen sizes, touch and pen flexible displays-2010: more flexible screens, possibly full color #toc

timohannay: Colleagues Sara and Gavin are speaking at #toc today and tomorrow. WIsh I was there:

KatMeyer: Joe Wikert - DRM has to go away, but his focus is on developing content beyond print so reader can then choose experience #TOC

robotech_master: @megfischer Yes, I read books on my iPhone all the time. Before that, I read them on color and monochrome PalmOS PDAs. #toc

ami_with_an_i: Q. Are publishers ready for eBooks? A. Not if they don't keep an eye on new technology. #toc

jtallent: the iPhone is not an eBook reader! I get why people like it, but how can you read on such a small screen? #toc

sarahw: #toc wikert: must be actively involved with tools and technology. Many in room have iphones

kirkbiglione: Hamilton notes that many data apps are actually books, they just don't look like books (restaurant guides, etc.) #toc

totai: E-books aren't a simple digital equivalent of a print book. #toc

trovebooks: #toc so apparently I am in the small minority in this room by not having an iphone.

eykd: Adobe: Adobe Content Server 4. Interesting, but I'm skeptical of Adobe and servers. #toc

chelseagreen: @DavidDurand @robotech_master good point. Publishers have no addl conversion cost when creating PDFs. We all already use it. #toc

KatMeyer: show of hands - many in audience w/ iphone, many w/ kindle, many w/ipod touch. we're pretty hip as an audience! #TOC

pablod: Show of hands: who has an iPhone/iTouch? An asston of people. Who's got a Kindle: not as many people. #toc

robotech_master: @jtallent Well, I just put my eyes on one word, and then let them slide across to the next one. It's easy, you should try it. #toc

mikecane: Just had a BSOD TWICE in TweetGrid -- BY TweetGrid, IN TweetGrid. #TOC is melting down Twitter again!

jtallent: @trovebooks I have a G1 (Android) #toc

chapmanchapman: Of course Adobe is fence-sitting on DRM #toc

eykd: Adobe: ePub devcenter URL: #toc

totai: @jtalient do you have an iPhone? Why is it any worse than a kindle? Who says you have to have a large screen to read? #toc

shanakimball: By audience show of hands, apple is winning the platform war (over Kindle) at #toc. Iphones are ubiquitous here.

KatMeyer: No one answer on reader/app/format == depends on content and consumer! (april hamilton) #TOC

jtallent: @robotech_master cute #toc

julietrelstad: At rise of ebook panel: are future non-fiction books applications? #toc

pablod: Books apps v. Reader apps: depends on the application. Fair enough, but man, Book apps suck. #toc

RonHogan: #toc weRead also taking up the "case study" nomenclature, with specific campaign examples.

TAC_NISO: McCoy: DRM-keep your honest customers honest. Well, that isn't the problem. Gun laws don't prevent criminals from using guns in crime. #toc

robotech_master: @jtallent Hey, you asked. #toc

ValWorkman: Open authoring of ebooks is critical. The relationship between content and community is established. #toc

rambleginger: So far the only real bummer about the #toc conference is the distinct lack of power plugs for the amount of folks who have laptops.

chelseagreen: It seems I'm picking all the same presentations as @timoreilly. Odd. #toc

ami_with_an_i: eBooks as separate iPhone apps--good or bad idea? No one is committing one way or the other. Interesting. #toc

totai: I think people like to use the word ubiquitous, I have heard it at least a half dozen times this morning. #toc

toc: Can anyone answer? @jtallent: iPhone is not an eBook reader! I get why people like it, but how can you read on such a small screen? #toc

kirkbiglione: Wikert: no sign of cannibalization of print sales from iPhone app sales(re: iphone missing manual). #toc

eykd: Adobe: I really don't like Adobe's black chic UI (a la Bridge). #toc

kate_eltham: At Rights and Licensing in the Digital Age session... tweeting...#TOC

sarahw: #toc wikert: current apps may look as silly in five yrs as iphone ca. 2001 looks now

megfischer: agree with the complementary comment in Ebook session #toc

robotech_master: @totai It's a fun word. I'm also fond of "albeit." #toc

upendal: The education market has excellent examples of digital content experiences that are way more that print txtbook by itself #toc

macudc: #toc Riding the Social Net Wave to Democraiz Book Dist. and Increase makes posting of copyrighted material easy, napster?

anniebody: Am so freaking jealous of you people at #toc. Keep up the good tweet-work!

jtallent: @totai YOu keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. #toc

ngintaka: Ebooks v apps: check out Frommer's for Kindle v Frommer's iPhone app. #toc

pablod: Does the Kindle matter as much as we think it does? No. #toc

totai: How to read on an iPhone, turn it on, click on Stanze, choose your book, read. #toc.

kate_eltham: If publishers can licence digital content to 3rd parties, why can't authors? #TOC

RonHogan: #toc that said, if talk is abt power of social networks for self-pubbed, why use HC & S&S books as examples?

robotech_master: @jtalent @toc Seriously, you only read one word or sentence at a time. Unless you speed-read, it just means you turn page more often. #toc

tonyarucker: #TOC session on social media and publishing....more like a sales presentation. We are here to go to the next level on this topic.

angelinaward: #toc switched to ebook panel from all the post activity

pablod: Amazon is building a moat—consumers and corps should catch on to epub to fill in that moat #toc

cmaisannes: Question: Does the Kindle matter as much as we think it does? D. Rothman: No. It’s based on proprietary technology. Get with the epub. #TOC

eykd: Adobe: ePub in the browser via Flash. Naturally. #toc

sarahw: #toc rothman: publishers would be wise to catch on to epub

davegray: Archivists of the future looking at "born digital" texts have a lot to contend with, literally thousands of versions #toc

RealTimeTrends: #toc - has risen to the #2 trend on twitter. Follow here:

joebachana: #toc Wiley -- love that they license their content to 3rd party businesses (ex Frommers to hotel chains)

RonHogan: #toc you need to create author profile, connect to fans, support book clubs, give stuff away, use targetted ads. Collect underwear?

eykd: Adobe: "It's important to us that our formats are supported across devices." Is Adobe the *only* company that thinks this way?#toc

robotech_master: @cmaisannes Yeah, you can always count on @rothman to beat the up-with-ePub, down-with-proprietary drum. It's kind of endearing. :) #toc

chelseagreen: @robotech_master @daviddurand @oreilly is the only one I know of. I'd bet only 2% of the pubs here could tell you how to create an epub #toc

JohnMontalbano: RT @upendal: The education market has excellent examples of digital content experiences that are way more that print txtbook by itself #toc

totai: Can anyone say iPhone-envy?! #toc

KatMeyer: Kindle as reader is okay - it's Amazon's closed proprietary system that is a bad idea. They need to learn a little bit from Apple (JW) #TOC

aaronhierholzer: @ami_with_an_i Agree with panelists that app clutter is a problem—and that it depends on content of book, ie, Zagat guide suited to app #toc

mikecane: Did Adobe SRSLY say ePub via FLASH? Are they insane?!!? #TOC

jtallent: Stanza would not exist without the Kindle #toc

CuriousTwit: 'Amazon's proprietary fixation with the Kindle could put them at a significant disadvantage; they need to learn from Apple and open up' #toc

robotech_master: @chelseagreen #toc See

kirkbiglione: Most on panel seem to think Amazon has made mistake by making Kindle a closed platform. #toc

pablod: @jtallent: "how can you read on such a small screen?" very well, thanks. #toc

TAC_NISO: @toc RT jtallent - 1) resize the text on screen. Bigger screens are better, but try putting a Kindle in your pocket. #toc

RonHogan: #toc second presenter is from Scribd, which is pronounced 'scribbed' not 'scrybed'

RuelBass: o 50k new things uploaded to scribd each day #TOC

sarahw: #toc wilcox: there would be no stanza w/o kindle.

thedigitalist: #toc Bill McCoy: "Calvin" .epub preview widget uses Flash 10 to embed .epub in browser content. Also an Air reader.

mikecane: @jtallent: Stanza would not exist without the Kindle #toc -- are you serious?!!?

joebachana: #toc Amazon is just 1 distribution channel.Publishers must get content in xml format for rapid delivery.Avoid exclusive distribution deals

bollyweed: @kirkbiglione absolutely, Kindle would expand much more quickly in use if it was open #toc

totai: The E-Ink guy wants us to support dedicated readers because "user experience stinks", I think he has an agenda....hmmm. Joe? #toc

ami_with_an_i: Unfounded rumor just delivered to me anonymously: 'The Audible ppl walked out of Doctorow's DRM talk in a huff!' #toc

totai: Put my kids through college...#toc

chelseagreen: @robotech_master @daviddurand awesome. I hope an epub ecosystem follows. #toc

JohnMontalbano: RT @sarahw: #toc rothman: publishers would be wise to catch on to epub

pablod: On dedicated devices: the container affects the reading experience. Content is worth more on a better device. Good point. #toc

robotech_master: @ami_with_an_i Multiple people were tweeting it around the time it happened. #toc

totai: Of course, once e-ink is on smaller devices, THAT experience won't stink. #toc

kendrickjd: The container affects the content. The medium is the message. (McLuhan) #toc

ami_with_an_i: RT @pablod: On dedicated devices: the container affects the reading experience. Content is worth more on a better device. Good point. #toc

bollyweed: @ami_with_an_i ORLY? ha! #toc

jimmydare: On dedicated devices: the container affects the reading experience. Content is worth more on a better device. Good point. #toc (via @pablod)

geoffcox: Your content is worth more on a better device. #toc

jtallent: @mikecane - just quoting from the session, but I agree that the Kindle really did take eBooks to the next level #toc

walkley: Skipping the Adobe sales pitch to do email/RSS triage and upload some stuff to Vimeo #toc

eykd: Adobe:, example of folks using ePub concepts completely apart from Adobe influence. #toc

pablod: RT @ami_with_an_i Unfounded rumor just delivered to me anonymously: 'The Audible ppl walked out of Doctorow's DRM talk in a huff!' HA! #toc

CathleenRitt: the container matters...content is worth more on a better device, Russ Wilcox E-ink #TOC

joebachana: #toc having session envy, may be in the wrong room -- seems Broadway north is where the hot topic is?

totai: Is anyone quoting statistics on what people would rather read on? Has anyone noticed all of the people in Japan reading on mobile? #toc

cmaisannes: ebook panel: THE CONTAINER MATTERS. Why do you pay more for a DVD than a VHS tape? It’s the same content! #TOC

kirkbiglione: Yes, wilcox has an agenda re: dedicated devices, but he's also right that publishers need to think about user experience #toc

mikecane: RT: @pdlug: #toc copyright session is a mess, no real discussion of modern copyright issues at all

bollyweed: @pdlug Is there a main discussion Re: the copyright session? #toc

modernevil: @TAC_NISO In a year: flexible screens means a bigger eReader screen that fits in your pocket. #ToC

jtallent: @jwikert makes a big deal about Amazon not offering an upgrade for early adopters. Apple didn't, neither did Sony #toc

pablod: Tiered pricing based on accessed conent. #toc

chapmanchapman: Adobe previews of Int'l Herald Tribune widget w/ Flash 10 is amazing. You can even play the crossword in it. #toc

KatMeyer: @paulcookemusic yes. imagination is ultimate experiential tool! but ops 2 share/create/connect w/ others via stories & tech-priceless #TOC

ngintaka: Russ Wilcox: "the container matters". Publishers should support hifi reading technologies because more valuable. #toc

bollyweed: @cmaisannes Because I'm a consumer and Iike buying new things :) #toc

joebachana: #toc Blackberry as a reading device? Better for BrickBreaker (come on now, admit it!)

robotech_master: Watching #toc is fun. It's neat to see people deciding to abandon one panel for another because the tweets coming from it sound interesting.

pablod: @chapmanchapman with FLASH?? WTF?? #toc

mikecane: @jtallent Not true!! Sony offered 500 owners $100 off $505 as trade-in! #TOC

nextread: does anyone want to do a guest post on the future of books? #toc thinking of ebooks, drm, real books, reading and anything else that comes?

kate_eltham: Hadrian Gardeur, Feedbooks: "Publishing through webservices allows multiple authors, mashing content, broadcasting to multiple channels #TOC

bollyweed: @jtallent ...and we'll see if T-Mobile offers any kind of upgrade for G1 users... #toc

jtallent: @mikecane - ok, i stand corrected. What about Apple? #toc

eykd: Adobe: We want to be an enabler in this business. We don't want to "iTunes" anybody. #toc

kendrickjd: Why do indie producers and indie musicians have street cred where indie authors don't? #toc

chapmanchapman: "Adobe doesn't want to iTunes anybody." Device agnoticism #toc

ami_with_an_i: "Mainstream pubs are not going away, but their focus will become on producing highly commercial fare." -April Hamilton #toc

jtallent: @bollyweed I did not buy the G1 with the goal of getting a deal on an upgrade. Then again, I'm a gadget guy. #toc

RuelBass:  Barrack Obama uploaded all his position papers to scribd? #TOC

mikecane: #TOC Adobe is lying! They are the DRM middleman for ePub that's DRMed. That's WORSE than iTunes! Affects public libraries!!

totai: Why are indie musicians/filmmaking more popular than indie-authors? Because everyone has a book to write! #toc

Sol613: @nextread I'll be happy to post. U can catch me tomorow am with peter brantley at #toc @11

Paladella: #toc (Kirschenbaum) author's computer is an environmnt is not anymore a tool

ftoolan: Thanks to all twitterers at #TOC. nonstop meetings & couldn't attend any sessions, but feel like i've been to many b/c of your work!

bollyweed: @jtallent damn, I'm mixing up "upgrade" and keep relevant. It seems TMo is lagging behind expectations for the G1--I still love it, tho #toc

pdlug: #toc not sure what mashups have to do with copyright, hopefully speaker will touch on the actual rights issues in doing this

kirkbiglione: iTunes has officially become a verb, and it's almost always used with Kindle. ex:Don't let Kindle iTunes your business. #toc

eykd: @mikecane: Adobe is fence-sitting on the DRM issue, it seems. #toc

Weegee: OH at #toc: "Sitting in on a panel that's really a sales pitch is like paying money to watch television. in person."

joebachana: #TOC Dow Jones presenter talking about Yahoo Pipes as non-techie way to aggregate content from disparate sources

sarahw: #toc hamilton rather uninformed about indie music and film worlds

RonHogan: #toc put your book online (on scribd, let's say), watch yr Google ranking soar

eykd: Adobe: Prior focus on PDF to the exclusion of other formats a mistake. #toc

tonyarucker: RT @timoreilly: Cory Doctorow to Publishers at #TOC: Demand Option To *Not* Use DRM

robotech_master: @pdlug When people mash up songs/films/etc. that's not theirs, some say it should be considered fair use, others say it's infringement. #toc

macudc: @beyondhall8 Not familiar w I use for RSS to Sony PRS. Incidentally thats where you can find Corys books #toc

mikecane: #TOC All current DRMed ePub requires it goes through ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS before getting to Sony Reader!

swiertz: RT @timoreilly: Bookworm EPUB reader from @liza now part of @oreillylabs. Try it at #TOC

billtrippe: #toc @jwikert: Let college students add value to their eBooks (notes, annotations) to then sell to the next student.

Sol613: Future of ebooks session #toc will someone pls make a point ?

chriswebb: @slipdown Have not seen it yet, just following #toc coverage.

RonHogan: #toc empower your evangelists; let them embed yr content in their online presence

chapmanchapman: @pablod it was pretty impressive. Also big Adobe mobile announcement at Spain conf in a couple weeks. iPhone, methinks. #toc

BookNet_Canada: Greg Merkle using yahoo pipes to aggregate info for Dow Jones enterprise Media group #toc

bollyweed: Per Doctorow, might we reasonably expect authors to do their own distribution online--ala musicians? #toc

joebachana: #toc woah, Dow Jones guy presenting a Drupal partner search -- bizarre

geoffcox: Just heard "disintermediate" for the first time this show. Last year I would have been in double-digits by now :) #toc

chadrem: My random notes on Scott Berkun's talk How Progress Happens: Leading the Human Side of Change at #toc

RuelBass: 3 keys to social media marketing - don't be afraid to give it away, its about the search, cultivate evangelists. Mike @ scribd... #TOC

ami_with_an_i: @kirkbiglione I was just wondering if TOC had coined that term. Thanks! #toc

mikecane: @chapmanchapman Or it could be Flash for Palm Pre #TOC

robotech_master: @geoffcox I love that word. Reminds me of "antidisestablishmentarianism." #toc

toc: Want to ask speakers questions in advance? Use the Comment feature in each #toc session description (must log in to ConfLink first)

pablod: Instead of looking at used book as cheaper, it can have added value: think about student-annotated e-textbook. #toc

joebachana: #toc re: DJ pres - NONE of top 7 that showed were Drupal 'partners', some were competitive products -- points to issue of key terms search

tonyarucker: #TOC Really find Scribd interesting. Not sure what the business model is though?

DavidDurand: @mikecane I think this fits with Cory's opener. When you use publish with aggressive DRMyou shackle yourself more than your customer. #toc

RonHogan: #toc documents on Scribd also viewable in other platforms thru iPaper

robotech_master: @pablod When I bought college textbks, I always tried to buy PLAIN ones. What one student hilites is not nec what other needs to study. #toc

KatMeyer: tcha! "what services can we add to make the e-product worth MORE than the print product ?"(think that was joe) #TOC

MattJhsn: @s4xton Are you at #TOC ? I guess that is happening today.

sarapeyton: RT @chadrem: My random notes on Scott Berkun's talk How Progress Happens: Leading the Human Side of Change at #toc

pablod: @chapmanchapman Interesting. I'd have to see the widget. Spain? Smells like flash on iPhone. #toc

RRE: rt @Fraser brings your social graph to contextually-relevant book spots across the web: amazon, b&n, wikipedia & others #toc

CathleenRitt: Based on what I am hearing Crazy Eddie should sell E-Book devices on TV, wouldn't that be insane? #TOC

neilschlager: RT @joebachana: #TOC Rosenblatt preso on Google settlement w/ book industry was terrific.White paper here:

tonyarucker: Scribd is ad based revenue model. #TOC

marsee: RT @chadrem: My random notes on Scott Berkun's talk How Progress Happens: Leading the Human Side of Change at #toc

eykd: Adobe: Their business model: dominate the format through open standards, sell the DRM model. #toc

pablod: 4-5 years down: double digit penetration of reading devices on market. #toc

ggoldsmith: No one has mentioned that DRM causes a lot of tech support headaches. Many financial gains in "production" are lost in labor #toc

pdlug: #toc Dow Jones speaker mentioned some rights issues but mostly a Yahoo Pipes demo, again, no copyright discussions

sarahw: #toc projections make me want to revisit 1990s projections and see how laughable they were

pdlug: #toc you would think there would be at least one rights/creative commons type discussion panel

hownottowrite: @pablod dig you #toc tweets. Hope you are planning to pull them together into a post.

macudc: 300,000 Sony PRS sold #toc no official Amz # in 12-18mons 2-3% of all US households will own - ebook reader. That when evryone knows someone

pablod: 10% of all sales will be e in about a year? Dramatic, but not implausible. #toc

kendrickjd: Within 12-18 months 2-3% of households will own an ebook reader #toc

upendal: HarperCollins to shut Collins according to newswire #toc

kate_eltham: At the Rights and Licensing session there has been almost no meaningful discussion about rights...#TOC

eykd: Adobe: Sounds like DRM is going to be the big problem with ePub. Open format, but closed DRM == iTunes'd. #toc

pablod: @robotech_master not hi-lit, notes. footnotes. electronic annotations. very unintrusive, think about it. #toc

totai: 3% of households would be more than 3 million households, this guy is off his rocker. #toc

dcdenison: russ wilcox of eInk is predicting off the charts growth for ebooks. And he's got visibility into what's happening at the device makers #toc

kate_eltham: Here we go... agreements with authors... just as I have to leave damnit. #TOC

billtrippe: #toc Ross Wilcox from e-ink: eBooks to be 8-10% of total market in 12-18 months

KatMeyer: RT @kate_eltham: At the Rights and Licensing session there has been almost no meaningful discussion about rights...#TOC

robotech_master: @pablod Still no guarantee that one student's annotations would be on the bits another student needed elucidated. #toc

totai: Maybe that many will be reading e-books, but on dedicated readers?! C'mon. #toc

CathleenRitt: if reading a tweet stream on my BlackBerry is any indication, reading books on my phone will make me blind #TOC

annmichael: Took a break from #TOC sessions - work goes on you know!

adaptiveblue: I'm at #toc to join the conversation about the future of publishing. We've had an inside view by working with publishers over the past year.

cmaisannes: @thefoodgeek There's been a lot of interesting talk of e-services/communities building up around cookbooks at #TOC, actually - up your alley

totai: Ahhhh, the power of suggestion, get a room full of publishers, tell them e-ink readers will boom, sit back and watch what happens. #toc

pastorkjl: @GGoldsmith not to mention how it has slowed the progress of new technology. #toc

pablod: Lots of waffling on eBook pricing. #toc

TOCConNow: by @spiver: #toc what will publishing equivalent of music biz's 360 deals be? Totally fascinating thing to ponder..,

robotech_master: Snrk! RT @CathleenRitt: if reading a tweet stream on my BlackBerry is any indication, reading books on my phone will make me blind #toc

kendrickjd: Ebook devices $199 or less in China in the next year. #toc

pablod: @robotech_master sheesh. think cumulative. think three or four generations of ownership, each contributing to the annotations. #toc

CuriousTwit: Ross Wilcox (Eink) is predicting eBooks will be 6-8% of total market in 12-18 months. It is spurious, but he has behind scenes insight #toc

robotech_master: @kendrickjd So what they're saying is, we should all move to China? :) #toc

CathleenRitt: If I heard that question correctly, it was How can I read an E-Book on my DEC word processor? #TOC

mikecane: @kendrickjd jetbook eBook reader has been $199 on and off at Fry's. Can't do ePub yet. ePub & MobiPocket coming, they say. #TOC

macudc: #toc go from350 to 200 you get 10x volume on devices. That point will be reached in 12months, at least in China says Russell Wilcox (E Ink)

bollyweed: @CathleenRitt Absolutely! Even just reading Tweets during a conference. Geez... #toc

robotech_master: ROFL! RT @CathleenRitt: If I heard that question correctly, it was How can I read an E-Book on my DEC word processor? #TOC #toc

pablod: eBook trends outside US, where there's no Kindle: Euros are ahead on ePub standard. Pan Mac used as example (w00t @babyjuggler). #toc

ggoldsmith: If publishers had more freedom with IP, they could explore more options. #toc

mikecane: #TOC jetBook, btw, is of China origin. Sold by Russians elsewhere. Non-backlit eInk-like 5" screen.

totai: I haven't heard of a solid e-reader market outside of the US, mobile is king. #toc