jasonboog: #toc Peter Brantley--scan or take a picture of a QR code with your phone in real world, access a URL on the web.

xdamman: @timoreilly may I suggest you another good place to follow #TOC ? (you can grab the widget an put it on your blog)

kirkbiglione: Harlequin considering models that would enable ebook sharing. #toc

jwikert: #TOC O'Reilly Labs (re)launched at TOC today: See details in this blog post by @andrewsavikas:

lemay: Some of the trouble I have with TOC is that as a tech writer doing digital content for 20 years, a lot of it seems obvious. #toc

BookNet_Canada: rereaders vs. single reader. Romance reader is rereader. very loyal reader. #toc

lemay: I realize I'm not really the audience. #toc

robotech_master: @thewritermama Illegal only matters if they catch you, though. Sharing e-books friend to friend doesn't generally lead to arrest. #toc

danwallek: Interesting concept of using QR codes on physical books that allow extending the experience of that content digitally by Brantley at #toc.

eykd: SWXML: Interesting, again, more further reading required. #toc

gift_basket: Isn't the #Kindle / #Kindle2 just a fancy, expensive RSS reader? You can't read full newspapers or magazines on it. #toc

RonHogan: RT @kirkbiglione Harlequin considering models that would enable ebook sharing. #toc

chapmanchapman: Peter Brantley's talking about QR codes, using to create narrative, marketing, etc. (I love QR codes, we should all try 'em) #toc

totai: "Think beyond the iPhone" - some cool stuff! #toc

KPub: #toc pricing digital products session is mobbed.

cmaisannes: P. Brantley: In mobile devices, we are transitioning to a gaming world model: complex, information-rich, dynamic.You must decide & act. #TOC

thewritermama: Are publishers willing to experiment with royalties? Nope. Authors are a concern. Some didn't see this coming. #TOC

thewritermama: We've been doing this for a long time. So she's been persuading authors for a long time. #TOC

macudc: #toc 90% of talk is about kindle, iphone, and mobile. What about epub? Am I in the wrong sessions?

thewritermama: How to we solve DRM? #TOC

thewritermama: Readers are not opposed to DRM. They are opposed to the way it's being implemented. #TOC

duncan: Opening up an experiment with #TOC photos on Zenfolio incl ability to order prints (more coming)

RonHogan: #toc "is anybody in this room willing to fess up and admit they're a fan of DRM?" Lynne Scanlon says maybe.

systimetre: @macudc ePub was discussed heavily at the sessions yesterday #toc

chelseagreen: Excited for Jason Fried's presentation. I'm a fan of his work and philosophies. #toc

mikecane: #TOC Hello! Sony Reader and iPhone allow "content" to be installed across FIVE devices. 1 eBook = 5 legal outlets.

pablod: @lemay a lot of it is really obvious to some of us too, some not. but then you run into the idiots heckling Doctorow a few tweets back. #toc

thewritermama: Foiled by the DRM? Does this happen a lot. It hurts readers and publishers. #TOC

robotech_master: @mikecane I prefer Fictionwise/eReader's system where you can put it on as many devices as you own. #toc

RonHogan: #toc DRM is a deterrent to readers; it keeps them from wanting to buy books.

timoreilly: At #TOC, @naypinya showed @joi's photo as a way of illustrating the reading generation gap.

thewritermama: Anybody can break DRM. You don't have to be a "pirate." #TOC

jmandala: Where is Microsoft at #TOC?

pablod: RT @RonHogan #toc DRM is a deterrent to readers; it keeps them from wanting to buy books.

duncan: @netik I didn't actually watch the FOX news story to see what they said. Maybe after #TOC is over I'll get a chance. Not suprising tho.

robotech_master: @thewritermama The way it's implemented *is* DRM. I can't think of any way to implement it that doesn't cause me problems. #toc

robotech_master: @thewritermama Yes, and most people who break DRM for personal use will never be caught. #toc

thewritermama: DRM is Dumbo's feather. You think you need it to fly but you can fly without it. #TOC

kirkbiglione: #toc panelist admits to cracking DRM for personal convenience. Someone call the cops!

theredheadsaid: Seems the major issue being discussed (at least today) at TOC is DRM. #TOC

Weegee: #toc. "DRM is Dumbo's Feather to publishers. It makes you think you can fly when you can actually fly on your own."

ngintaka: Peter Bramley nailed it: Think beyond the iPhone. Mobile can connect the real world to all the resources of the network. #toc

thewritermama: DRM is actually an impediment to sales. It's working against you twice. #TOC

lisacharters: At the #TOC conference with @mitchjoel trying to figure out how to push my Tweets to my Facebook status....

RonHogan: #toc DRM is Dumbo's feather. Books can fly without it, but publishers just don't believe. @smartbitches said that.

trovebooks: #TOC smart women read ebooks session ... very interesting

robotech_master: @JennWebb @katmeyer There seems to be some argument about that. They share the same editing and marketing costs, though not printing. #toc

SteffanA: ETech 2008 - @mikewalsh (Futuretainment) said that the top 10 books in China were written ON and consumed on mobile devices #toc

alexiskold: RT @timoreilly At #TOC, @naypinya showed @joi's photo as a way of illustrating the reading generation gap.

pablod: RT @RonHogan #toc DRM is Dumbo's feather. Books can fly without it, but publishers just don't believe. @smartbitches said that.

thewritermama: @mamapreneur Digital Rights Management method that tracks info about the purchaser of an e-book-quite the discussion here today. #TOC

jmvrankin: #TOC Arg! no. 1 pet peeve of conferences: lack of power outlets. I've been out of electrons for hours, and now have to transcribe handnotes.

mikecane: For the record, I'll only buy eBooks in a format I can strip the DRM from. You can't have a lock on words I paid for! #TOC

tracysheridan: RT @timoreilly At #TOC, @naypinya showed @joi's photo as a way of illustrating the reading generation gap. [great]

robotech_master: @mikecane It may not be the best thing to admit to breaking the law in a public forum, you know. :) #toc

JohnMontalbano: RT @SteffanA: ETech 2008 - @mikewalsh (Futuretainment) said the top 10 books in China were written ON and consumed on mobile devices #toc

jmvrankin: #TOC no. 2 pet peeve: SRO rooms. Adobe's session should have been in a room 2x as large. But there were plenty o' seats at Quark's ; )

mikecane: That "generational" pics pisses me off. Maybe he's reading PAPER b/c dumb pub won't offer E? Antidote pic: #TOC

mhp: RT @BookNet_Canada: price point above $10 nonstarter for most women readers .... non-tangible. Can't resell ebook, you don't own it #toc

mikecane: @robotech_master Hey, I've said so EVERYWHERE. #TOC

jmvrankin: #TOC pet peeve no. 3 Having to leave before the conference is over. I'm down to 2 hrs : (

CathleenRitt: Found the mini-tiramisu dessert in the back room #TOC

SteffanA: Should be watching trends of (mobile) media consumption of Asian countries ahead of us for clues about our future #toc ask @mikewalsh

mikecane: #TOC Mobile phones and the Japanese -- look who reads paper here!

jmvrankin: #TOC Next version of #Adobe Buzzword will export epub. But it doesn't seem to have styles. So...

PowerHungryFilm: RT @SteffanAntonas: ETech 2008 - @mikewalsh (Futuretainment) said top 10 books in china were written ON &consumed on mobile devices #toc

bwingenroth: #toc: StartwithXML presenter indicates that manual tagging is needed. Did they miss CodeMantra's TOC08 presentation on authoring templates?

jmvrankin: #TOC #Adobe is working on an update to Acrobat to export epub too.

aaronhierholzer: Music during down time in #toc conf rooms freaking me out. Lifehouse's "Hanging by a Moment," for instance.

eve11: RT @PowerHungryFilm RT @SteffanAntonas: @mikewalsh (Futuretainment) said top 10 books in china written ON & consumed on mobile devices #toc

mikecane: #TOC Adobe Buzzword -- has anyone used it?

janinelaporte: #TOC interesting. Being new to twitter interesting. But also all so much. Worried about my 'monkey mind'.

toc: dowloading 400+ ebooks from an internal server for the #toc giveaway

ValWorkman: @KatMeyer Couldn't the content developer for ebook be the subset of a community?(re:digital content creation?) #toc

worleygirl: @jeffjarvis Looking forward to your preso at #TOC in a few minutes!

jane_l: rt @RonHogan #toc DRM is Dumbo's feather. Books can fly without it, but publishers just don't believe. @smartbitches said that.

laurahazardowen: wireless issues resolved! on twitter again AND using tweetdeck. exciting. #TOC

dangillmor: #TOC -- lots of interesting thinking about future of book. hope publishers listen to Cory who begs them to reject Amazon (et al) DRM

laurahazardowen: about to hear what google would do with publishing. my guess is that they would do something awesome with it. i will let you know. #TOC

CuriousTwit: defrags his biological hard drive with tea at #toc ahead of what sounds a strong series of afternoon keynotes, starting with Jeff Jarvis.

pdlug: #toc session on digital pricing was mildly interesting, I don't think most ppl there realize that they will not be the ones to dictate price

laurahazardowen: and the music in here makes me feel as if i am in an episode of grey's anatomy. #TOC

amywilkins: following @mallevallik, @booksquare, @SmartBitches panel at #TOC via Twitter

mkirschenbaum: afternoon keynotes: Jeff Jarvis (Buzzmachine), Sarah Lloyd (Macmillan), Jason Fried (37 Signals), Jason Epstein (On Demand Books) #toc

mikecane: #TOC QR codes:

jeffjarvis: About to go on at O'Reilly #TOC keynote. Big room.

KimArr: rt @RonHogan #toc DRM is Dumbo's feather. Books can fly without it, but publishers just don't believe. @smartbitches said that.

chadrem: Sitting in back corner of #toc Jeff Jarvis Keynote on What Would Google Do next to a guy reading a print copy of USA Today. Ironic?

kishizuka: Awaiting Jeff Jarvis keynote. #toc

degroodt: From a contact at Palomar "We have been hampered by severe snow conditions so I am running on battery power. Hope to have phones soon." #TOC

mikecane: #TOC @pdlug BUYERS dictate prices. Sometimes by NOT buying. How many more in book publishing must be laid off? I'm patient!

podiobooks: Curses! Belay that last random tweet. [Digs back into the #ToC tweets: Tools of Change conference, NYC]

modernevil: @TAC_NISO Russ Wilcox, head of E-Ink said some flexible screens should be available 2009, a lot more in 2010. #ToC

ullakrag: I'm searching for _#toc_ live on TweetGrid Search - #toc

modernevil: I killed my iPhone. Thanks @KatMeyer for a quick recharge. Have to tweet less tonight, I guess. #ToC

indieauthor: #TOC @jtallent gets a mention on galleycat!