Afine: @ jayrosen_nyu amazing convo at #TOC on future of publishing -- why aren't newspaper folks having the same kind of get togethers?

CathleenRitt: A key difference between O'Reilly tech and finance conferences is the rock soundtrack between sessions #TOC

joebachana: #TOC at afternoon keynote

annmichael: Jeff Jarvis is first up for afternoon keynotes #TOC

Literanista: #TOC Jeff Jarvis is on

laurahazardowen: there is an espresso here? i want to see it. where? #TOC

ClementineNYC: regarde Jeff Jarvis de Buzzmachine (What Would Google Do .. with publishing?) #TOC

pablod: Jeff Jarvis Keynote: is this the vbook version? #toc

annmichael: book more about changes in our world than Google (title: What Would Google Do?) Jarvis #TOC

DanKok: #toc - listening to Jeff Jarvis - author of What Would Google Do?

thewritermama: Jeff Jarvis now at TOC in NYC. (Tools of Change for Publishing in New York City- :) ) #TOC

CathleenRitt: @Jeffjarvis is on #TOC

annmichael: "The link changes everything - changes publishing; do what you do best and link to the rest" Jarvis #TOC

thewritermama: Companies need to hand over control. The link changes everything. Stop thinking Google is the enemy. #TOC

joebachana: #toc the 'link' changes everything -- remarkable how many levels that concept operates on (human social network w/ hypertext link)

annmichael: think distributed - brands as magnets (people come to us) is over Jarvis #TOC

thewritermama: Get yourself out there. Brands are not magnets. We have to go to the audience. #TOC

ClementineNYC: jeff jarvis "Google is your friend or at least a model, you should be thinking like Google !" #toc

KatMeyer: Jeff Jarvis - author of "What Would Google Do?" We have to go to them! (readers, that is) #TOC

margopbaldwin: google juice???#toc

thewritermama: If you are not searchable, you won't be found. We all need Google-juice. So people can find us. #TOC

Weegee: #toc. Jeff Jarvis says we bring content to the audience, not the other way around. Yes!

pablod: Jarvis: "I'm a big believer in Goog book search, but my books not on it" WTF?? #toc

laurahazardowen: Do what you do best, and link to the rest. Jeff Jarvis #TOC

thewritermama: We need to do what we do in public. Books need to become a process not a product. #TOC

annmichael: "life is public, so is business ... books are a process and that process is public" Jarvis #TOC

KatMeyer: We all need "google juice" (w/ extra ice, please). we need to be searchable. the process of being a bizness - needs to be public. #TOC

thewritermama: A blog is a form of peer-review. It was how he wrote his book. #TOC

RonHogan: #toc watching Jeff Jarvis's keynote now so I don't have to pay $10 to see it later.

kishizuka: "We all need Google juice," says Jarvis. Books, too, need to be a public process. #toc

susanmernit: #TOC @jeffjarvis:"Life is public, so is business" Your customers are your ad agency"--we're a community of mutual interests

laurahazardowen: think i can write a blog post on jeff jarvis keynote later just using my twitter notes? want to help me? #TOC

macudc: #toc how would google do publshing Jeff Jarvis. "We all need Google Juice"

thewritermama: His readers wrote one of his chapters. #TOC

mitchjoel: watching @jeffjarvis speak at #TOC. "We all need more Google Juice." Who doesn't love Google Juice? It's about being Google-ly .

pablod: RT @RonHogan: #toc watching Jeff Jarvis's keynote now so I don't have to pay $10 to see it later.

ClementineNYC: jeff jarvis "Books must be searchable / We all need google juice / Books become a process rather than a product" #toc

laurahazardowen: your customer are your ad agency. jj #TOC

thewritermama: The more we can make a book into a process, the better. We are giving people elegant organization. #TOC

Paladella: #toc (Jeff Jarvis) Everybody needs a little SEO

pablod: The mass market is dead. Yup. #toc

RonHogan: #toc Jarvis says books should be more process rather than product.

mkirschenbaum: jarvis: books as process, not product; echoing @naypinya and bob stein on social dimension of publishing #toc

thewritermama: It's all about niches. Don't try to be mass. It doesn't work anymore. Book publishing is in an ideal position. #TOC

laurahazardowen: the problem with book publishing: atoms are a drag jj #TOC

margopbaldwin: the question is, will it save the world? what would google do about that? what's a googly world collapse? #TOC

annmichael: "Atoms are a drag - middlemen are doomed - free is a business model - decide what business you're in" Jarvis #TOC

kishizuka: Drawback for publishing: 'Atoms are a drag," middlemen are doomed, free is a business model. Determine your business.-Jarvis #toc.

pablod: Publishing is a distribution business. That needs to change. #toc

annmichael: using AOL as example - not an entertainment company - they're a community company - could have avoided bag TW merger! Jarvis #TOC

thewritermama: Decide what business you are in.AOlL and Yahoo! blew it by trying to be in the entertainment biz. #TOC

pablod: It's about ideas, people, communities. Fuck yes. #toc

pablod: Life is a beta. #toc

thewritermama: Life is a beta. #TOC

susanmernit: #TOC @jeffjarvis: Our business is about ideas, communities..if a google age, we are redefining the businesses we are in...Life is a beta."

thedigitalist: #toc Jeff Jarvis: publishers, ask yourselves what business you are really in? Think expansvly in Google age

laurahazardowen: New Google products are released in beta--that's a form of transparency. #TOC

rholland50: I had some Googlejuice once. Made me nauseous. #TOC

pablod: Being beta is a form of transparency. Agreed. #toc

Paladella: #toc (Jeff Jarvis) Life is a beta (...what a wonderful idea!)

thewritermama: Beta is a form of transparency. Help us finish this. Google is not reveal all. But beta is a form of collaboration. #TOC

joebachana: #toc books as 'processes instead of products'

booksquare: RT @kirkbiglione: First device maker to build a pink eInk reader wins. #toc

susanmernit: #TOC @jeffjarvis: Beta means transparent, unfinished...As @craignewmark says Get out of the way."

thewritermama: "Get out of the way." --Craig Newmark #TOC

kate_eltham: Metaphors popping up at TOC: Book as social experience; book as process, publishing as ecosystem #TOC

kishizuka: Does publishing have time for a beta stage? #toc

annmichael: "we are so used in media, to controlling ... get out of the way" Jarvis #TOC

booksquare: RT @sarahw: #toc wendell: women are the ebook readers you are looking for.

RonHogan: #toc relinquish control--simplify the system & get out of its way.

SteffanA: RT @mkirschenbaum: jarvis: books as process, not product; echoing @naypinya and bob stein on social dimension of publishing #toc

chapmanchapman: Also, how is the WWGD/Jarvis v-book at all "googley"? #toc

susanmernit: #TOC @jeffjarvis: Media is so used to controlling, But the idea of being in control is NOT the way this new world operates.

thewritermama: Don't try to control too much. This is not the way the new world operates. What if Google ruled the world? #TOC

eykd: "What if Google ruled the world?" I don't think this would be a good thing. #toc

thewritermama: "I am a hypocrite." He didn't follow all of his own rules. I got an advance. #TOC

totai: The speaker just said "If I ain't my own dog food" Is he saying that what he's dishing out is Alpo? #toc

RonHogan: #toc Jarvis powerpoint slide: "GoogleCollins: killing the book to save it" nervous chuckles

Literanista: #TOC " I did not eat my own dog food, bc a dog has to eat" Jeff Jarvis

kirkbiglione: Jarvis on stage now, Jason fried closing the day. #toc has a certain SXSW feel to it today

mightymur: @pablod thanks for all the #toc updates! Wish I could be there, it sounds awesome.

mkirschenbaum: jarvis: is author of What Would Google Do? (it's not online): "I did not eat my own dog food because a dog's got to eat." #toc

digitaldude: The eReader Tipping Point - Is it already here? #toc

jedwhite: Watching the tweets from #TOC and piecing together a wonderful idea from @jeffjarvis - Life is a beta... transparent, unfinished.

booksquare: RT @ami_with_an_i: Unfounded rumor just delivered to me anonymously: 'The Audible ppl walked out of Doctorow's DRM talk in a huff!' #toc

thewritermama: Book>video book>(We're watching the video now...) #TOC

kate_eltham: Jeff Jarvis: "I am a hypocrite." But it raises a serious point. Are authors cowards? Or tied to the publisher's model? #TOC

pablod: oh, he's introing the vbook. chuckles in audience "Oh, It's not as funny as that". yes it is, Jarvis. Yes it is. #toc.

Literanista: #TOC Watching Jeff Jarvis watch Jeff Jarvis on Youtube

chapmanchapman: Jarvis admits to hypocrisy (he's semi-joking) by not distr. his book for free online, b/c he got an advance. What about Seth Godin? #toc

KatMeyer: please indulge me - this is what i'm missing to be here at #TOC RT @sitruc: it's photo day!

booksquare: RT @kirkbiglione: Most on panel seem to think Amazon has made mistake by making Kindle a closed platform. #toc

davegray: Put out your idea when it's half done, when it's half-baked #toc

susanmernit: #TOC @jeffjarvis:Jeff is on YouTube promoting his book! Audience is laughing about the low price 9.99.....he's doing a really nice job here

rholland50: Not at #TOC, not at #TED. I have wasted my life.

thr61: @davegray @daviddurand -- fascinating watching your parallel tweets from #toc. The trick will be to see if you can actually meet.

Literanista: #TOC "update the form" Jeff Jarvis

thewritermama: They charge $9.99 for the video at Harper Collins. It's not worth it. #TOC

davegray: Jeff jarvis author of "what would google do" at #toc

kirkbiglione: No one in the room thinks jarvis v-book is worth $10, including jarvis. #toc

DorianBenkoil: @susanmernit Jarvis may be right on #TOC but pronouncements are one thing. Running a P&L is omething else.

RonHogan: #toc Jarvis admits $9.99 price tag for his "v-book" was silly, but hey it's an experiment.

mikecane: #TOC If "life is a beta" (puhleeze!) is death the Release Date?

laurahazardowen: everyone here loves the flip camera. #TOC

booksquare: RT @RonHogan: #toc internationally, ebooks are opening up a market for readers who can't afford US$25 paperbacks.

timoreilly: Really fun watching the Kirtas book scanner and the Espresso print-on-demand machine going side by side at #TOC

CathleenRitt: @chapmanchapman hello from the Tweeter in the orange jacket to your right #TOC

thewritermama: book>video>e-book>v-book (e-book with videos)>...#TOC

mikecane: RT: @rholland50: Not at #TOC, not at #TED. I have wasted my life.

davegray: "I didn't eat my own dog food because the dog's gotta eat" jeff jarvis #toc

macudc: #toc v-book, an ebook with videos

shanakimball: @juliewbee Great question. I sure hope so. But apple doesn't seem to have much of a presence here. #toc

kishizuka: Jarvis on his HarperCollins video book: "an effort to do something different." #toc

annmichael: WWGD formats: book, video book, e-book, V-book (eBook with videos), audio, PowerPt, ... Jarvis #TOC

totai: RT @mikecane: RT: @rholland50: Not at #TOC, not at #TED. I have wasted my life.

pablod: Jarvis is all a-twitter. #toc

timoreilly: Surprised how many people put up their hands when @jeffjarvis asks how many people at #TOC have kindles or have ordered new one

ullakrag: listening to Jeff Jarvis: What would Google do? #toc

thewritermama: Great idea for authors: use the flip camera to give reports on updates in your already published book. (Thanks, Jeff.) #TOC

mitchjoel: "a book is a process more than a product" - @jeffjarvis from #TOC.

RonHogan: #toc my 1st impression WAS that Jarvis fell on the $9.99 sword so the $4.99 price tag won't seem so crazy later.

KathrynC: #toc TOC, Day 2: It's the end of the world & we know it & I feel fine.

cart: #WWGD: Jeff Jarvis talking at #toc. NOT talking about Dell :-)

totai: Twitterfall has the hiccups, it's spewing out doubles of everything. #toc

laurahazardowen: maybe half the room is using twitter based on raised hands? #TOC

robotech_master: RT @SterlingBooks: I keep hearing about Doctorow at #TOC - I really hope it's E.L. Doctorow. ->

robotech_master: RT @Sterling Books <- I bet he has lots of interesting things to say about the internets #TOC

madhousewife: RT @timoreilly: Surprised how many ppl put up their hands when @jeffjarvis asks how many people at #TOC have kindles or have ordered new one

annmichael: blog process important to Jarvis - the process of peer review on blog leads to deep thinking - Jarvis #TOC

thewritermama: Book>video book>e-book>v-book>audio book>PowerPoint>Twitter reviews>performances>blog process...and on and on. #TOC

Springbaby31: Back in the office for pre-sales meetings this afternoon & Wed AM. Look'g fwd to return'g to #TOC for Wed. afternoon sessions.

shlew: Wish I was at #TOC and not just because its in NY.

pablod: Deep reading may lead to deep thinking, but process of peer review on a blog also leads to deep thinking. #toc

annmichael: blog readers pushed Jarvis and made him take his idea farther Jarvis #TOC

DavidDurand: @chelseagreen @robotech_master Thanks! epub soon but we must match data holdings Adobe support may do what XML evangelists haven't #toc