mr_random: nice to see @doctorow livetweeting #TOC ... I'm such a big fan :)

ngintaka: Lexcycle: 0.1% of downloads have been paid titles. #toc

mikecane: RT: @kirkbiglione: Stanza developers are "java geeks". Will be porting to other devices soon #toc -- YES!!! PALM PRE, BABY!!!

Kirtim: #TOC lexcycle lessons learned

thewritermama: Coming next... Nick Bilton (The New York Times R&D Labs) at TOC for Publishing. #TOC

walkley: Nick Bilton from NYT R&D on stage #toc

joebachana: #TOC book publishers -- 'discoverability' is probably the #1 thing you should be working on w/ ebooks for those impulse buyers to find stuff

eykd: RT @ngintaka: "Lexcycle: 0.1% of downloads have been paid titles." That's because the paid ones are $10 a pop. #toc

davegray: @shassinger oh yes I think that was on with the commuters (bus, train) but I could be wrong. I know he mentioned airplanes #toc

RITOPL: #TOC @NickBilton takes the stage

angelajames: #toc next speaker from NY Times Nick Bilton in R&D and Newsroom

doctorow: Less than 1pct sales in Stanza d/ls -- cost of not closing a sale? 0. #toc

DanKok: RT @pikafoop: @DanKok This is why I wish the Kindle had a backlight. :) Well said. If most reading is in bed, why not! #toc

thewritermama: Jounalist, designer, hardware hacker, lots of jobs. #TOC

joebachana: #TOC Nick Bilton, NYT, is up to speak

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thewritermama: Everyone wants to know, "What about a business model?" #TOC

tweet_trends: #TOC: [twitter]

doctorow: It's not the end of print -- the future composts the past. #toc

robotech_master: @jtallent I saw complaints in the #toc stream all day yesterday about the unreliability of the 'net there, so I think it's not just you.

thewritermama: The telephone was going to change our lives. We would never leave the house. LOL. #TOC

booksquare: in 1876, it was said that the telephone was the end of culture as we know it. a year later, it was the phonograph... #toc

ginablaber: #TOC

susanmernit: #toc, @nickbilton: in 1876 the Times said the telephone would keep people inside...n 1877, the phonograph was announced to eclipse the phone

KatMeyer: Back @ #TOC - Nick Bilton from NYT Research Labs (following Neelan from Stanza/lexcycle who was fabulous as always).

RonHogan: #toc oh cool, this next speaker is the guy who wrote the O'Reilly Radar post abt perpetual new tech hysteria.

davegray: Announcement of the telephone predicted that people would never leave their houses again #toc

thewritermama: It's not the end yet. My class is called 1-2-10. It's all storytelling. #TOC

eykd: It's all just storytelling. #toc

doctorow: Also: the paperback novel and the waltz both prompted cries that young people would be corrupted by the bad influence of new media #toc

susanmernit: #toc, @nickbilton: its all storytelling...but everyone is a storyteller now

kenbrooks: are any of these folks promoting DRM-free at #toc willing to pay for lost sales through pass along copies?

thewritermama: Everyone is a storyteller now=problem. Inundated with information. #TOC

angelajames: #toc no matter your medium from book to video to blogs to tweets, it's all storytelling

thewritermama: Online nomads seeking shelter from the blizzard of info online. #TOC

joebachana: #TOC Bilton: Everyone is a storyteller now -- inundated with blizzard of information

davegray: No matter what you do it's all storytelling -- and today everyones a storyteller #toc

sarahw: #toc bilton: nice overview of history with telephone, phonograph

RonHogan: #toc Nick Bilton from NYT Research Labs is his name. and he's talking abt digital storytelling

mikecane: @kenbrooks eBooks can be borrowed FREE from libraries. Want to whine about that too? #TOC

Literanista: #toc nickbilton sees 162k links a day!

ngintaka: @eykd So by my calcs = $50k revenue. Question is whether there's any demand elasticity? Would they sell >10x at $1? #toc

brandonacox: @thewritermama In every culture, it's possible for excellent information to rise to the top, just forces us to grow in discernment. #TOC

thewritermama: He sees 162,000 links each day. Our brain's are changing. We use more of our brain to surf the web. Neurons flying. #TOC

susanmernit: #toc, @nickbilton:info glut! trying for shelter from blizzard of info.the links are overwhelming! per page..nick views 162,000 links per day

ricetopher: RT @doctorow: It's not the end of print -- the future composts the past. #toc

davegray: Nick sees over 100k links in a day #toc

thewritermama: Social networks pathways to aggregation. #TOC

joebachana: #TOC Bilton cites Gary Small, neuroscientist, map of brain activity w/ a book vs. surfing the web. Web fires off more neuronal activity

booksquare: social networks becoming pathways for aggregation (bilton) #toc

susanmernit: #toc, @nickbilton:friends become our info filters instead-swarm

pnh: #toc Nick Bilton of NYT says his (not atypical) browsing habits expose him to over 160,000 links a day

walkley: Social networks started as way to connect with friends, but have become information pathways. #toc

KPub: #toc Nick Bilton: We're all trying to find shelter from blizzard of information. Our social networks are becoming pathways to aggregation.

LauraABaldwin: Nick Bilton #TOC we're on information overload, inundated with info and social networks create the path to help navigate all of it

KatMeyer: NB: it's all just storytelling. but - everyone is a storyteller now. we r inundated w/ info. social networks r bcoming how we navigate. #TOC

doctorow: Social network aggregates interesting things and shoves 'em over our transom. Repudiates Negroponte's "Daily Me" #toc

RITOPL: #TOC - @nickBilton - Social network as content aggregation paths (yes!)

eykd: @ngintaka: I guess we won't know until we try. I can buy a paperback for $7, and it Just Works. I'm buying the paperback for now. #toc

RonHogan: #toc Bilton says his web reading exposes him to 162,000 links a day, but only clicks on 80.

Sznq: RT @doctorow It's not the end of print -- the future composts the past. #toc

Literanista: #TOC article on ibrain

thewritermama: Swarm intelligence. We're exploring smart content. #TOC

pnh: #toc He clicks on about 80 of them, mostly ones aggregated and recommended by his social networks

steveko: @thewritermama How come such a smart guy doesn't know how to type the plural of "brain"? #TOC

HankMehle: Retweeting @doctorow: It's not the end of print -- the future composts the past. #toc

joebachana: #toc Bilton: "Swarm intelligence" ----> 'esoteric colonies' helping us navigate the mass of information

doctorow: Paging Dr Negroponte, your Daily Me is ready. #toc

davegray: Vast majority of links clicked (80%) are referred through social network #toc

thedigitalist: #toc Nick Bilton: smart content helps user navigate content flow

angelajames: #toc "smart content" rather than getting the same info as someone else, your content knows you and what you want

susanmernit: #toc, @nickbilton: so, how do we make content smart? clickpath and persistent personalization across devices...

thewritermama: Smart printed content. "Custom NYTimes." #TOC

soufron: Argh, it looks like I really lost my apple a/c adapter yesterday... nobody found it? #toc

RonHogan: RT @doctorow on @nickbilton concepts: "Paging Dr Negroponte, your Daily Me is here" #toc

eykd: The Starbucks API. Folks, here is our future. #toc

pnh: #toc (Again, I reflect that we've always used our "social networks" for info filtering and aggregation; it's all just more & faster now)

pnh: #toc (and more desperate)

susanmernit: #toc, @nickbilton:newspaper box does personalized print on demand(heads up @pachecod!)...has led to more texting tools...

KatMeyer: Nick Bilton demo-ing CUSTOMized news. customized versions of the NYT. pretty cool concept. i'd even pay for that! #TOC

thewritermama: Using sensors to read info about the user and customize content. #TOC

VogeleLaw: Enjoying @nickbilton 's talk at #TOC. Love the customization "smart" papers.

HowardStelzer: Is listening to Nick Bilton from the NYT talk about customizing the newspaper experience. #toc

Kirtim: Retweeting @thedigitalist: #toc Nick Bilton: smart content helps user navigate content flow

thewritermama: What if a sensor could become an editor? They have a digital living room (I want one!). #TOC

booksquare: bilton: paper is just a device #toc

walkley: "Paper is just a device" #toc

tsattersten: Using GPS, imagine your phone switching from text to audio based on how fast you are moving. #toc

davegray: Death of paper? Nick says no #toc

doctorow: @pnh Social networks have always told us stories that are normative, amusing, or urgent. I think that modern social news is different. #toc

angelajames: #toc "death of paper" but paper is just a device. "but I like the feel of paper" but immediacy is important

Kirsten: Paper isn't dead - "Paper is just a device" #toc

eykd: "Paper is just a device." Hm, that's a really important concept. We've assumed it as a given for so long. #toc

sarahw: #toc how wany other papers have r&d labs? Proportional to probability of survival?

Paladella: #toc (Nick Bilton) customTimes prototype..

PublishersLunch: Nick Bilton at NYT: "paper is just a device" #TOC

RobboMills: #toc Damn I wish I could be there. Too bad it's not being streamed.

thewritermama: Speaker's nephew. He is growing up in a world where he has access to content in seconds. #TOC

tsattersten: Paper is just another device. #toc

tonyarucker: Nick Bilton from NY Times says social networks help us aggregate the massive amount of content we have access to. #TOC

ipublishcentral: #toc - paper is just another device

robotech_master: @kenbrooks #toc Do you seriously think DRM *prevents* pass-along copies? (google mobidedrm sometime)

KatFrench: Lots of good thoughts coming out of the Tools of Change conference today. Do a search for #TOC and you'll see what I mean. :)

ami_with_an_i: A move only for the brave: finally opening your work email after two days at #toc. Going to need another tiny coffee for this.

DavidDurand: Instant gratification rules. Immediate access to content. #toc

thewritermama: Luca is going to want immediacy. He's not going to be willing to wait. #TOC

pnh: RT doctorow: #toc

Literanista: #TOC immediacy - users just want to consume (right now)

angelajames: #toc nephew is going to grow up to want all content immediately, we can't change that

davegray: Next generation will not be willing to wait for anything, they want immediacy #toc

DanKok: #toc kids have access to content in seconds, and they know nothing else.

doctorow: The universe of clickable things that kids know about is already intractable. Why would they click on stuff that's 2 clix away? #toc

KatMeyer: Nick's nephew is used as example of next generation. they want what they want when (and how) they want it. #TOC

joebachana: #TOC Hope Carlos Slim keeps this 'smartcontent' investment going if/when he snaps up more than his new 18%

mikecane: The HORSE was a "device" too. How many use THAT now? #TOC

lauram68: WHAT does #TOC mean? (Yes, I admit to being an idiot!)

Sznq: "Paper is just a device." #TOC That might bend some people's minds, since we've assumed it as a publishing basis for so long.

Literanista: #TOC Linguistics teaches us languages don't die they just change

steveko: @thewritermama Our language is deteriating (Nick Bolton) #toc

doctorow: English's signal virtue is its malleability. If you want to speak a language with jealous guardians, switch to German or French. #toc

DavidDurand: RT @angelajames: #toc used 3 y/o nephew as example of someone who knows nothing but a world of access to immediate access to all content

thewritermama: Kids today: Hybrid forms of communication. New form of communication with acronyms. #TOC

davegray: IM and SMS culture is a hybrid form of comm. I have to say LOL because people can't see me #toc

eykd: And TextSpeak is just a resurgence of 19th century telegraph spk. #toc

thewritermama: Our language is not deteriorating. We have a new language. #TOC

KatMeyer: NB: language not being deteriorated. we r just changing a hybrid form of communication. #TOC

davegray: Our language isn't deteriorating it's a hybrid form #toc

russmarshalek: RT @mikecane The HORSE was a "device" too. How many use THAT now? #TOC

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jsteeleeditor: RT @doctorow English's signal virtue is malleability. If you want to speak a language w/ jealous guardians, switch to German or French. #toc

joebachana: #TOC Bilton's nephew, Luca, just flipped us all the bird

eykd: RT @mikecane: The HORSE was a "device" too. How many use THAT now? #TOC LOL

doctorow: OK doesn't come from "Oll Korrect" -- that's a back-formation. #toc

RobboMills: Arrr! Twitter's choking! #toc

VogeleLaw: Bilton: "Our language is not deteriorating, we're just creating a hybrid form of communication." I think this is spot on. #toc

thewritermama: Cave drawings>Alphabet>Illuminated mss.>printing press>broadcast>we need new ways to tell our stories. #TOC

jasonboog: #toc @nickbilton speechwriting and slidemaking 101: Always include pictures of cute kids

susanmernit: #toc, @nickbilton: narrative is changing. the printed word is moving to a new page, a different device...we have to find a new ways to tell

RITOPL: #TOC - We always have an emerging (new) langauge (and language has always been performative)

thewritermama: Blog are fast and agile but they are not going to replace books. #TOC

davegray: Printing press changed everything, for the first time the printed page is entering a new medium #toc

doctorow: "He investigated himself" -- did the fact-checkers have to confirm his quotes? #toc

thewritermama: Don't just blog, do something more sophisticated with all of your amazing content.(Yes!) #TOC

davegray: Let's make a blog! Let's not. #toc

jsteeleeditor: "Let's make a blog!" "Let's not." -@nickbilton #toc

Literanista: #toc

tsattersten: bilton: Immediacy and opportunity are going to lead to demands for screen, paper will not be able to meet those demands. #toc

thewritermama: OMG. Totally cool author website> David Carr. (Check it out!) #TOC

Mose: #toc I am waiting for full-ubiquitous, non appliance centric communication ... oh right - it's called talking. In person. Like face-to-face.

soufron: @doctorow It's more like he put his old stuff online #toc

davegray: There are lots of ways to share things online #toc

eykd: This is the "expanded edition" someone was talking about the other day. Great value-add experience. #toc

angelajames: #toc David Carr website as an example of creating a new method of storytelling that goes along with the printed book--explore new narrative

thewritermama: Back to nephew. Expectation of fully interactive experience. We have to create a new version of paper. #TOC

KatMeyer: Nick demos author David Carr's website as ex. of way to give new/different experience to readers of a book. #TOC

PoliticiansTV: @Literanista One day, electronic books will replace paper books. Or Books will be come "rare" that are printed on paper. #TOC

doctorow: Poetry is more abundant and less relevant and commercial than ever. The bottom of the commercial mkt & the cost of production coincided #toc

Literanista: #Toc putting old stuff online, using by products concept

jsteeleeditor: RT @angelajames #toc David Carr website as an example of creating a new method of storytelling that goes along with the printed book

RITOPL: #TOC - Everone should read Benjamin's "Task of the Translator" in "Illuminations" ... it really speaks to thiese cross media issues.

thewritermama: Fully interactive, immersive experience. Interactive graphics. User-generated content. #TOC

soufron: @doctorow Well... people who actually work can always get some sort of funding : dancers, painters, writers, journalists... #toc

thewritermama: Created a 3-d model the reader can interact with. #TOC

babyjuggler: nick bilton - swarm approach to navigating the 160,000 links we see each day #TOC

tsattersten: bilton: Music was always on a device, publishing is being caught off guard by the "device" change that is coming to the industry. #toc

pnh: #toc "Paper industry has never had to create new devices"--no, but we've had to wrestle with wrenching changes to distribution

thewritermama: Doesn't understand why we aren't all in this together. (Yes!) #TOC

doctorow: Election-coverage idea: a browser plugin that turns every politico's name into a donor-list popup & every donor into a list of pols #toc

joebachana: #TOC Paper dwindling isn't a bad thing - digital is perfect. The issue here is when the publishers are going to figure out how to make money

KatMeyer: NB: publishers don't seem to be helping authors further the book/reading experience (build websites, etc.) WHY NOT? #TOC

susanmernit: #toc, @nickbilton:who is going to tell these stories in the future? YOU! publishers need to participate in digital, not abdicate...

timaldiss: RT @timoreilly: More than 5 million ebooks downloaded from stanza - average price $10+ #toc @amayfield

Literanista: #Toc new forms of narrative goes right along with books as an experience

pnh: #toc (Which is to say: "paper industry"'s equivalent to record player, walkman, ipod, are big distributed tech systems)

walkley: Good point from @nickbilton: publishers don't have R&D groups. #toc

tsattersten: bilton: It's All Just Storytelling. #toc

thedigitalist: #toc author: "I get paid for the book and I have to do the website on my own."

mathewi: RT @doctorow: Media that doesn't die can still dwindle -- Opera relies on rich weirdos, not cultural relevance/commercial viability #toc

Mose: @eykd i hear ya - too bad we don't have a simple device we could just pick up and like speak to people all over the place you know? #toc

RonHogan: #toc @nickbilton calls for greater support from publishers for author websites that let them tell stories

angelajames: #toc called up 10 publishers and said "can I speak to R&D room" and got the "huh?" response from all of them

PoliticiansTV: @thewritermama Virtual Reality? #toc

jsteeleeditor: "It's all just storytelling." Find new ways to tell stories, but don't forget to keep telling them. -@nickbilton #toc

trovebooks: #toc It's all just storytelling. Yea!

susanmernit: #toc, @nickbilton: OReilly is innovative, mainstream pubs need to follow suit....susan sez; concise talk, nice job.

thewritermama: All just storytelling>authors and publishers should be working together to create a better/broader experience for the intended reader. #TOC

eykd: @Mose: #toc

mikecane: Great -- publishers setting up WRITER websites? I'll do WITHOUT being a sharecropper, thank you! #TOC

angelajames: #toc thinks publishers should work more with authors to create author websites for this new storytelling experience to supplement print

CICM: @susanmernit #toc should clarify - not Bill O'Reilly! :-)

CuriousTwit: has tweet fatigue because he feels as if his brain is being tenderly fed through an Espresso machine at #toc

systimetre: Did anyone find the Stanza -Adobe DRM announcement ? #toc

angelajames: #toc "the smart cookie" cookies on all of your devices would talk to each other to create your unique experience

doctorow: Some writers need their publishers to create their sites; some have better sites than their publishers, some shouldn't be online at all #toc

eykd: If publishers are going to take over the author website, they better get GOOD at websites. I don't think we're there yet. Am I wrong? #toc

thewritermama: Conclusion:Why don't publishers have their own R&D departments? #TOC

Sznq: Rt @tsattersten: Music was always on a device, publishing is being caught off guard by "device" change that is coming to the industry. #toc

VogeleLaw: I love the "smart cookie" concept. Is cookie monster in on this? #toc

DavidDurand: @davegray #toc I often bring that up because people get excited about printing, and forget the previous 3 millennia of scrolls/clay/stone

doctorow: Wikipedia has partly solved the problem of page-fluidity. I write all my novels with git checkins every 15 min now. #toc

kenbrooks: @mikecane i guess it depends on the book, and whether it's available? your response seems a bit impulsive #toc

mikecane: And what happens when a writer CHANGES publishers? Who OWNS the website content, huh? #TOC

systimetre: @eykd we are already doing it on a daily basis, alas only in danish: #toc

indieauthor: Here at #TOC, the news is all good for indie authors and small imprints. Check out my Trip Report, Part 1:

doctorow: Versioning -- let readers go backwards and forwards. Programmers have solved this: source control #toc

mdash: -- a great site that was poorly marketed. Wondering why I hadn't seen it before @nickbilton #toc

pnh: #toc I'm suspicious of arguments that rely too much on the alleged universal power & applicability of "storytelling"

DavidDurand: @eykd #toc that's right. They don't know now, and too few are investigating. even fewer do anything with what they learn.

eykd: If anyone has a hard time envisioning Bilton's future, read "Rainbow's End" by Vernor Vinge. #toc

kenbrooks: @eykd Free marketing for the books you didn't sell? i think it depends on book type #toc

jsteeleeditor: RT @toc Check out O'Reilly's R&D space at (follow @oreillylabs) #toc

chrisbrogan: Some raw but useful notes from my speech at #TOC to publishers -

doctorow: NYT's caution in opening its archives cost it $100s of mills in ad revenue, and untold googlejuice. They will never catch up. #toc

susanmernit: @CICM, yeah #TOC is an O'Reilly conference, as in Tim & Publishing,,,

susanmernit: Twittering Nick Bilton's keynote at #TOC

RITOPL: #TOC - Interesting question of how newspapers should handle versioning (and what constitutes an update)

KatMeyer: RT @mdash: -- a great site that was poorly marketed. Wondering why I hadn't seen it before @nickbilton #toc

thewritermama: It's BS to think that folks won't pay for content. It's faster, it's easier. It just needs to make sense. #TOC

angelajames: #toc consumers pay for content, not just the media it comes on (whether it's music or books). Matter of finding right price

DavidDurand: @doctorow #toc I got into this because of Ted Nelson, but I've become skeptical that readers will use this. Maybe the directors cut...

doctorow: People will pay for content, provided you don't make the case that buying content opens you up to having it taken away later by drm #toc

soufron: #toc he is only trying to convince himself !!!!

timoreilly: Hearing Nick Bilton of NYT Research Labs at #Toc, I think of Edmund Burke @ Joshua Reynolds last lecture: "I heard an Angél speak"

pablod: Bilton basically alludes to one of the great themes of the week: the editor and writer become ongoing curators of a living work. #toc

macslocum: - #TOC at the top of Twitter search.

kenbrooks: @robotech_master It increases friction, making legit purchases more attractive #toc

pnh: #toc Not all information formats optimally as immersive "story"

DowntoEarthMama: What is #TOC

ullakrag: #toc - where do I find the slides from these three great deays?

Paladella: #toc (Nick Bilton) .. I trully believe people pay for content

doctorow: I want an NYT that has wikipedia-style tags next to the front-page arts, "6 of 9 in the bullpen think this is BS" #toc

susanmernit: #toc, @nickbilton: impressed with nick's obvious creativity and good judgement. audience very engaged, too. attentive.

eykd: @kenbrooks: The point is, you didn't pay for them to see the book. Someone else did that for you. This works. See @doctorow. #toc

davidrothman: Where is the OJ at the TOC breakfast bar? I put a LOT of sweet stuff in my coffee. #toc

KatMeyer: NB: people r not looking 4 12 different versions of storytelling -- they r looking for an immersive "experience" #TOC

davegray: Put the pieces together as they make sense. Video, text, comments etc. Should not be siloed #toc

CathyLiggett: RT @KatMeyer It's all about the reader's conversation? #toc

robotech_master: @kenbrooks And people who have unsupported devices, like iPhones (bad Mobi! bad Amazon!) have to break the law to read their own books. #TOC

joebachana: #TOC possibly related blog I wrote in December on 'curating content':

mdall: I'm searching for _#toc_ live on TweetGrid Search - #toc

thewritermama: @DowntoEarthMama O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing in NYC. #TOC

worleygirl: In figuring out the new publishing paradigm, everyone can agree on one thing: the music industry are greedy fuckups & we'll do better. #TOC

walkley: That was the stand out of the conference for me. #toc

doctorow: @pnh Amen -- "Me and my pal Bill Shakespeare" is BS (Sterling). No one plays a video-game for the cutscenes #toc

doctorow: @pnh Amen -- "Me and my pal Bill Shakespeare" is BS (Sterling). No one plays a video-game for the cutscenes ##toc

angelajames: #toc @nickbilton delivered a great, very funny and relevant keynote. Thank you! Really interesting ideas to ponder

RonHogan: #toc QOTD @nickbilton "I do have thoughts abt the biz model. I'm always told not to talk abt them in public."

davegray: The editors still decide the stories but their decisions are more influenced by readers than ever before #toc

fast180: RT @timoreilly More than 5 million ebooks downloaded from stanza - average price $10+ #toc

mikecane: "Friction" is why e-books adoption is slow -- the argument is OLD! #TOC

venndiagram8: RT @chrisbrogan: Some raw but useful notes from my speech at #TOC to publishers -

kate_eltham: Nick Bilton: Outstanding keynote... best of TOC so far imho #TOC

KatMeyer: Joe Wikert introducing Tim O'Reilly #TOC

robotech_master: @kenbrooks Besides which, as people like @doctorow (hi, Cory!) have proven, pass-along copies sell more print copies. #TOC

pnh: #toc Tim O'Reilly now speaking.

angelajames: #toc Tim O'Reilly is the next keynote speaker

thewritermama: Coming up next...Tim O'Reilly, CEOand Founder of O'Reilly Media. #TOC

davegray: OH it was the first time I ever gave a presentation to the top of peoples heads #toc

thewritermama: He liked Nick's talk. (Me too.) #TOC

fgossieaux: Check out my SlideShare Presentation : Building Communities Around Content from our session Monday at #toc

TAC_NISO: Bilton: Every decade the music industry has launched new media to distribute its content. Any transformation of paper recently? #toc

RonHogan: #toc @timoreilly is talking so I'm going to just listen for a bit.

joebachana: #TOC Tim O'Reilly up to present his keynote

shannonholman: #TOC: next up, our one opportunity to tweet more often than @timoreilly ;)