Hadrien: One ISBN to rule them all ? #TOC

modernevil: Wiley seems to be both going long & on the wrong side of eBook ISBNs. #ToC

chelseagreen: 3 hours to presentation. Feeling pretty good about it now...but ask me at 2:30. 2:50 broadway north. The @chelseagreen story. #toc

RonHogan: Jane Friedman was sitting in on the #toc CEO roundtable.

jasonboog: Kindle audio? @doctorow versus AG at #toc:

TOCConNow: by @modernevil: Wiley seems to be both going long & on the wrong side of eBook ISBNs. #ToC

TOCConNow: by @thewritermama: Lulu: Brilliant! Which ones do the authors like? Right on! #TOC

helenharrop: if I'd known @doctorow was going to go #twittermental today, I'd have set up a video cam to record poor nabaztag trying to deal with it #toc

thewritermama: @kishizuka Thanks! #TOC

pdlug: #toc good CEO panel, probably some bias since these are obviously the more progressive executives (and at newer companies)

cmaisannes: Next up: "Challenging Notions of Free." Paging @doctorow. #TOC

ami_with_an_i: Really excited about this session on consumer data. #toc

adamengst: @Hadrien Do tell - what's the recommendation on ISBNs for different formats from #TOC?

JamesAWoods: RT @thewritermama Cave drawings>Alphabet>Illuminated mss.>printing press>broadcast>we need new ways to tell our stories. #TOC

JamesAWoods: RT @thewritermama Don't just blog, do something more sophisticated with all of your amazing content. #TOC

chelseagreen: @mikecane Our success creating an audience for our books and authors using social media and the blogosphere. 2:50 broadway north #toc

jwikert: #TOC Just wrapped up moderating the CEO Roundtable. My thanks to Eileen Gittins, Clint Greenleaf, Mike Hyatt, Bob Young & Tim O'Reilly.

thewritermama: Okay, I'll stop the shameless self-promo tweeting now. I promise. :) #TOC

RuelBass: at the Understanding Your Consumer session - very cool stuff #toc

kirkbiglione: Note to self. The down escalator leads to the accountants conference. #toc.

thewritermama: @jwikert Thank you, I missed all the names! :)#TOC

ljndawson: #TOC - What means free?

doctorow: @cmaisannes I'm here #toc

jtallent: Graphic designers create designs and should not be tasked with learning XML #toc

pdlug: #toc Gavin Bell from Nature is speaking on community

thewritermama: RT @jwikert: #TOC Wrapped up moderating the CEO Roundtable. Thanks to Eileen Gittins, Clint Greenleaf, Mike Hyatt, Bob Young & Tim O'Reilly.

pablod: Now: Striking the Right Balance: Print, POD, Digital #toc

thewritermama: Now it's about creating communities around the Long Tail with Gavin Bell. Like him already! #TOC

Literanista: #Toc build services to extend relationships with readers beyond the book

walkley: Challenging Notions of Free running late starting #toc

Kirtim: #TOC Tim O'Reilly

thewritermama: Creating services and extending relationships beyond the book. #TOC

pablod: Printing sales are flat. E will continue to grow, POD style printing is not flat, it's growing considerably. #toc

pablod: POD is really going to take off in 2011, depending on some interesting inkjet machinery advances coming down the pipe. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - I think some of the issues here are that there needs to be 10 minutes between sessions so speakers can set up.

thewritermama: Music and books are different. Books you haven't read vs. music you haven't listened to. No comparison. #TOC

modernevil: Challenging Notions Of Free panel finally starting. #ToC

thewritermama: Music and books don't correlate. Music aggregates more easily. #TOC

walkley: Free has a long and successful history #toc

Literanista: #TOC almost none of us have an unllistened to music album at home but almost all of us have unread books

pablod: @mikecane I'm sure lots of ppl from sony are here, in this room, some dude who had a 700. didn't give his name. #toc

Literanista: #TOC music and books are consumed differently but digital is always easier

thewritermama: Digital is easier. You can leave a trail of visual breadcrumbs. #TOC

pnh: #toc "Who owns an un-listened-to music CD?" (a few hands) "Who owns an unread book?"(many many hands) Huh.

TOCConNow: by @Literanista: #Toc build services to extend relationships with readers beyond the book

thewritermama: What does all this talk about digital data mean to books? #TOC

angelajames: #toc someone RT'd me but the RT changed something key in what actually typed and changed the message. Eek!

pablod: Ingram guy is talking about global perspectives, how to regulate geographical restrictions. NOOOOO #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - Mac Slocum brings it on - he's so passionate about piracy - it's not "binary good/bad"

shanakimball: Wondering, for academic publishing, what are the tools for continuity? We need to maintain scholarly record, in the midst of change. #toc

thewritermama: We need to reward readers. (Right on!) Get opinions, suggestions, recommendations. #TOC

oupblog: @doctorow @jwikert @chelseagreen @ami_with_an_i @RonHogan @booksquare Really jealous of all of you at Toc, grrr budget cuts. #toc

Literanista: #TOC scaffold the book experience and leverage the community

thewritermama: Help our readers by scaffolding the experience. Connect readers. We can go beyond book groups. #TOC

BookPage: fascinated by Ed Champion's report on the women & ebooks panel at #toc.

eykd: Sitting in on Simultaneous Publishing in Print and Web. I'm fascinated by how we added semantics to rather rudimentary sources. #toc

michaelhyatt: I was just on a CEO panel with @TimOReilly and the CEOs of, , and GreenLeaf. I thought it was a lively discussion. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC - Open Source is part of the DNA of O'Reilly - Mac.

doctorow: Main issue is discovery not piracy -- PREACH BROTHER #toc

thewritermama: E-books. Will we be able to get the reading data? Did they dip in and out? #TOC

pablod: Ingram dude doesn't see price as a dominant issue at PoS. I know some rabid ebook fiends who would disagree. #toc

stacylwhitman: finding all the #toc tweets fascinating.

tobiasbuckell: Ingram at pod/digital/print panel: price is not the driver of sales for them, functionality and demand and other factors are #toc

angelajames: Am taking a break from #toc tweeting to have lunch with Kensington editor Kate Duffy. I'll be back for afternoon sessions and keynotes

Literanista: #TOC record reading data from ebook readers, give readers what they want and what they will use

joebachana: #TOC Session: "Experimenting with Free" as a business model

thewritermama: With PDF we don't get any data back. But post-sale data is really helpful. Safari gives you this. #TOC

robotech_master: @pablod I guess it's pointless to hope their prices will be lower than hardcover then. :P #toc

thewritermama: Create an open platform for reading behaviors. Track reader behavior. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC - Random House offers some free downloads to encourage discovery and sampling.

doctorow: Random House: Goal with free d/ls is to find the right person for the right book (!), downloaders write about books, facebook 'em, etc #toc

pablod: "The beauty about this is that it's complicated." Yikes. #toc

DrRebecca: *Women, Want to Reach a Whole New Level of Love By Spring?* Here's Your Chance to Do it FREE! Join me! #toc

amandafrench: @cmaisannes @mkirschenbaum Breaking news "Author’s Guild calls Kindle 2’s text-to-speech software illegal" #TOC topic?

walkley: Downloaders are early adopters/influencers #toc

DanKok: Need to look at the reader data and analytics behind the ebook. #toc

thewritermama: What can we do right now? Google book search can indicate if a book is in demand. #TOC

thewritermama: People will pay more for a book second hand to get an out of print book. #TOC

KatMeyer: fascinated by Ed Champion's report on the women & ebooks panel at #toc. (via @BookPage)

thewritermama: When you buy a car or computer you get service for a few years. But not so with authors. #TOC

doctorow: Antidote to fear of piracy is information #toc

moirarogersbree: I am so enthralled by all the #toc tweets. Must stop reading and do my own work. LOL

laurahazardowen: This afternoon at TOC I'm tweeting with a plan: Each Tweet should make sense to someone who's not at the conference or in the panel. #TOC

thewritermama: Writing a book has been a private social process. YES! #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC - Mac: What actually works? Can free distribution actually increase sales?

thewritermama: We now have social authorship programs to increase sales because of the social model. #TOC

tamera: RT @doctorow Random House: Goal w/ free d/ls is to find the right person for right book(!), downloaders write about books, fb 'em, etc #toc

CathleenRitt: just met @MichaelHyatt and look forward to his presentation this afternoon #TOC

davidrothman: Word from Wiley is that IT and other publishers insisted on DRM for the Kindle, rather than being pressured by Amazon. #toc

jyro: RT @doctorow: Antidote to fear of piracy is information #toc

thewritermama: Readers can make recommendations. They need tools. They want to annotate and comment. #TOC

robotech_master: @laurahazardowen Good luck with that. #toc

KatMeyer: @jtallent Graphic designers who don't speak XML in 21st Cen r like print designers who don't understand process colors #toc (via @doctorow)

robotech_master: @davidrothman Hey, David! Great to see you tweeting! #toc

thewritermama: We need to allow for more than just talk. Build to support a long-term relationship. #TOC

michaelhyatt: @lesleyest Yes, you misunderstood me. We cut our frontlist, not our backlist. #TOC

Literanista: #TOC extend interaction with readers

ljndawson: #TOC - Mac: a "more nuanced model" - there's a "gray" market that increases discovery.

thewritermama: Books start with content. Put content online is an important first step. They need a common frame of reference. #TOC

thewritermama: A page in a publisher's catalog isn't enough. #TOC

RuelBass: who bought what books, where, why? Pubtrack...understanding your consumer #toc

soufron: @jyro #toc antidote to fear of piracy is... getting rid of the management !

walkley: Digital is inherently ambiguous, spectrum rather than binary #toc

thewritermama: Review pages are good for engaging. Leave the bad reviews up there. #TOC

billtrippe: at #toc, Gavin Bell, The Long Tail Needs Community,, thoughtful, excellent points

pablod: Had to leave. The amount of FAIL coming from the Ingram guy was epic. Besides, @tobiasbuckell and me were the only non-suits there. #toc

doctorow: Study: P2P threat is overstated for books -- low incident of piracy, lag of 20 weeks. #toc

thewritermama: Activity. Example is a giant pillow fight. Flkr=it's building long-term social relationships. #TOC

heathr: @doctorow Core part of piracy/ biz model fears is fear of moving to mode of relationship over data: both of which always exist #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - P2P "threats" are actually quite lame - pirated books are not well-produced, are late, etc.

pablod: moving on to "Challenging Notions of Free" #toc

robotech_master: @doctorow I read (and blogged) an article suggesting that a LACK OF piracy was the reason e-books hadn't taken off yet. #toc

RuelBass: 57% of books bought in US in 2007 were impulse purchases... #toc

benmason: What's TOC? #TOC

modernevil: Notions of Free panel: very dry presentation so far, and vague/ambiguous. #ToC

thewritermama: Twitter is another good community building activity. Understanding the activity of your audiences is key. #TOC

gohsuket: RT @doctorow: Antidote to fear of piracy is information #toc

jsteeleeditor: At a distance, Twitter, Flikr, etc. are noise, but up close there are communities & networks. Identify them. -Gavin Bell #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - Piracy may be summed up like this: "You get what you pay for". In other words, frequently, pirated content is pretty badly produced.

pedrorq: rT @doctorow : Antidote to fear of piracy is information #toc

thewritermama: Think about the activities around books. Possibility of other object. Interesting to see what stems from the book. #TOC

thor: RT @doctorow: Study: P2P threat is overstated for books -- low incident of piracy, lag of 20 weeks. #toc

robotech_master: @doctorow #toc Article here: My blog post here:

doctorow: Random House study: Free downloads correlate with slight increase in sales, though may not be causal #toc

robotech_master: @benmason O'Reilly's "Tools of Change" conference, where everybody's twittering as they watch the panels. #toc

angelajames: #toc what 2pm panel should I attend?

thewritermama: Instead of talking a wine book talk about the wine you drink as a result of reading that book. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC - RH says that free downloads don't hurt sales and actually help slow a decline in sales.

eykd: The power of open source: We failed at developing our own Javascript framework and scrapped it. 18mo later, we had JQuery. #toc

thewritermama: Create community reader to reader. Watch what happens. Social objects. #TOC

Literanista: #TOC focus on reader to reader relationships, no need to mediate them either

ljndawson: #TOC - Mac: "at worst, P2P is a zero-sum game."

doctorow: O'Reilly piracy study: Piracy is zero sum, win some lose some, stop worrying about it. #toc

pablod: Initial look at sales impact of free. Inconclusive on whether they help, but they definitely don't hurt. duh. #toc

digitalwaveride: RT @doctorow: Random House study: Free downloads correlate with slight increase in sales, though may not be causal #toc

doctorow: O'Reilly study: Divert anti-piracy energy into developing good digital platforms #toc

RuelBass: 38% of books purchased as a result of book store display, 2nd place is recommendation of a friend at 12% - online advertising is low #toc

jsteeleeditor: RT @doctorow O'Reilly piracy study: Piracy is zero sum, win some lose some, stop worrying about it. #toc

thewritermama: Flkr. Music. Socal life: Tickets, CD, book. What can people create after reading my book #TOC

digitalwaveride: RT @doctorow: Study: P2P threat is overstated for books -- low incident of piracy, lag of 20 weeks. #toc

pablod: "There's no negative. At worst it seems to be a zero-sum game." I don't think that term means what you think it means. #toc

doctorow: O'Reilly study: Vast majority of ebook piracy is RapidShare, not P2P. Bittorrent is set up for big files. Ebooks are small. #toc

tobiasbuckell: #toc majority of book piracy not coming through p2p

ljndawson: #TOC - the vast majority of piracy is not happening on P2P, says Mac. Book files are not that big - easier to distribute Q&D, not bittorent

totai: Looking at Bowker consumer data-38% of people said they bought book because of store display-less than 5% said b/c of print ad #toc

doctorow: O'Reilly study: If you care about fighting piracy, stop paying attention to piratebay, and look at where it actually happens. #toc

thewritermama: Activity centered design and activity theory. Russian theory of psychology. Model of consciousness. Every activity is social. #TOC

thewritermama: Activity theory will become more important for publishers. #TOC

digitalwaveride: RT @doctorow: Random House: Goal with free downloads is to find the right person for the right book (!), downloaders share them #toc

Literanista: #TOC build social objects/activity centered software design

Booklorn: #toc As a reader, DRM is a non-starter b/c it hurts ME & does little to deter piracy. DRM=no sale.

doctorow: MAN, I WANT A COPY OF THIS RESEARCH from "Economics of Free" panel at Tools of Change #toc

thewritermama: This sounds like a combo of sociology/marketing to me. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC - Need more studies, more publishers, bigger data sample.

tobiasbuckell: People keep asking for more data about free ebooks, these guys have charts. With charts. And corellation numbers. #toc

pablod: If you're worried about piracy, make sure you verify where it's actually happening, not where the media tells you it's happening. #toc

thewritermama: Integrate your services to recognize your readrers. #TOC

robotech_master: @Booklorn IMO, DRM may even *promote* piracy, with a cracker choosing to share a cracked book just to spite the DRM-using publisher. #toc

Literanista: #TOC role of community manager will become as important as editor!

eykd: I think the ESV API and RSS feeds have been an important marketing tool for Crossway. By being open people do our marketing for us. #toc

jedwhite: #TOC in danger of viewing customers as thieves like music industry did. Piracy is viral marketing u get with wrong price and distribution.

modernevil: No negative impact from free, positive impact unclear / differs based on factors like author platform, genre.Not related to prior sales #ToC

totai: 28% of Target customers have income >$100k / Wal-mart 32% have income <25k - #toc

podiobooks: Need specifics > RT @doctorow: Random House study: Free downloads correlate with slight increase in sales, though may not be causal #toc

thewritermama: Valuing the readers. Never call them users. They are readers. Give people a profile page. #TOC

systimetre: @doctorow me too #toc

pnh: #toc Guy from NATURE: I never refer to the people who read our sites as "users". They're "readers." Hear hear.

thewritermama: Audience. Audience. Audience. Reader. Reader. Reader. The key to all. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC - Brian talks about "seeds"

pablod: But seeds peak quickly. #toc

Tabz: RT @doctorow: Random House study: Free downloads correlate with slight increase in sales, though may not be causal #toc

thewritermama: Our job as community managers is not to broker every interaction. Think of your sites as a bar. #TOC

Literanista: #TOC think of your site as a bar, do not broker relationships

johnny_angel: RT @tobiasbuckell: #toc majority of book piracy not coming through p2p

thewritermama: You need more money to continue a biz. You wouldn't open a restaurant this way. #TOC

doctorow: Piracy correlates with retail patterns: peak at release, quick dropoff #toc

lesleyest: @MichaelHyatt Sadly, I'm not there--was just reading the #toc coms. I think others thought you meant that non-peformers were cut outright.

pablod: Leeches peak almost immediately, and then decline to almost nothing. Interesting. #toc

thewritermama: Allow people to build on top of your content. #TOC

jaybushman: I wish I'd known about #toc earlier. Sounds like the folks I need to be talking to about loose-fish

Literanista: #toc allow site visitors to interact, build and share

pnh: #toc NATURE guy:Think of your site as a restaurant--people want good interactions with each other, as little intermediation as possible...

ljndawson: #TOC - Mac: Piracy does not make everything instantly available. Only the popular stuff, and only for a window of time.

thewritermama: Let people add their two cents. #TOC

pnh: #toc ...and trouble dealt with quickly and effectively

thewritermama: Make content discoverable. #TOC

locomobile: Hope you'll have a look at the new @tizra features announced at #toc

thewritermama: Interestingness. The best will float to the top. #TOC

tobiasbuckell: Laws of popularity still apply. After a few weeks titles (books or tv titles) disappear with interest #toc

acgaughen: anyone know what #toc means?

pablod: The laws of popularity still apply to P2P piracy. Not everything is available on P2P. #toc

paddaniels: RT @doctorow: Vast majority of ebook piracy is RapidShare, not P2P. Bittorrent is set up for big files. Ebooks are small. #toc

Literanista: #Toc use items that are personaly relevant, flickr calls it interestingness leads to discoverability

ljndawson: #TOC - research hasn't taken into account "request-driven" piracy. Back-channels still unexplored.

robotech_master: @acgaughen O'Reilly Tools of Change future-of-publishing conference in NYC, where everyone in the audience is twittering. #toc

RuelBass: Bowker data very complimentary to your sales data...doesn't replace it #toc

pablod: @doctorow asks about darknets. Does not apply, they say: This study is only "consumer-level" pirate networks. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - experiments going on w/in the silos of publishers and it's not being shared

Literanista: #TOC APIs allow for integration, extend and enrich your content

laurahazardowen: the reason for my personal twitter challenge this afternoon (all tweets make sense individually) is this post: #TOC

walkley: research surprise . . . low incidence of p2p availability #toc

gwillen: @mkapor I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who wonders that. (Perhaps if I just say "what is #toc ?" I will be flooded w/ replies...)

pablod: @lesleyest sorry! there's probably a reason for that: backward-looking, reactionary, etc. #toc

adviseme: Reply via link: anyone know what #toc means?

jasonboog: now video up @doctorow versus AG at #toc

robotech_master: @doctorow I blogged on a study that suggested darknets are going to be just as usable as ordinary P2P by 2010. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - it would be interesting to do a study of the piracy biz models - if it's all "free", who's making the $?

thewritermama: Twitter. Flkr. Support good standards. Integrate your product. We're not building islands. Building interactive services. #TOC

thewritermama: Example: Cookbooks: Buy these books b/c other people like them. #TOC

thewritermama: Or use the books to find friends. #TOC

kishizuka: @doctorow Nice Tweeting of #toc. Consider hiring out as a live blogger ;-) And greetings from your fans at School Library Journal.

pablod: "Books and P2P don't go together" of course not, book files are tiny—email-able. #toc

thewritermama: Let people comment on the recipes after they cook them. #TOC

robotech_master: @adviseme O'Reilly Tools of Change future of publishing conference in NYC, which entire audience is twittering. #toc

eykd: "As long as people were talking about it, it didn't really matter where the conversation was ocurring." #toc

thewritermama: The third example is the most interesting. #TOC

laurahazardowen: sarah weinmann (@sarahw) says on her blog, where are all the women at #TOC?

ljndawson: #TOC - @doctorow - not for books. The book market is so far below movies/tv/music.

tweet_trends: #TOC: [twitter]

Literanista: #TOC shift toward reader interaction

doctorow: Need to study YA books and series titles for piracy -- yes totally will have different P2P characteristics #toc

ami_with_an_i: Q: Can your service track specifically how web 2.0 marketing techniques influence sales? A: No. Me: Sigh. #toc

thewritermama: A shift toward reader interaction. Slow shift towards digital books. Role where we are not brokering relationships. #TOC

thewritermama: Imprints lack voice as brands. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC - @doctorow - now you're talking. If there's any opp for books, it's that one.

michaelhyatt: I'm about to have lunch with a few of my colleagues from ECPA who are attending the O’Reilly #TOC conference.

MoriahJovan: Love the #toc tweets, but raises eyebrows at future talk-to-action ratio.

kenbrady: RT @doctorow: O'Reilly piracy study: Piracy is zero sum, win some lose some, stop worrying about it. #toc

Literanista: #TOC connect readers with others readers who read similar books/activities

thewritermama: You are moving into larger scale community management=those who read the book. #TOC

totai: Random House rep says it's a tough sell to expect a consumer to come to a single publisher's website - #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - what now? Use Google Analytics to track, and use those results to form your strategy

thewritermama: Let the content build the relationships. #TOC

thewritermama: Think service not sale. #TOC

walkley: caution: correlation isn't causality #toc

kate_eltham: Mac Slocum: Audiences are aggregating and re-aggregating however and whenever they want to. #TOC

billtrippe: #toc One community idea--what do people do after they have read your book?

jmvrankin: #TOC Plastic Logic reader

kate_eltham: Mac Slocum: So we have to start thinking on an audience by audience and title by title basis. #TOC

ClementineNYC: regarde d'un oeil torve le débat sur le free content pendant que @soufron gigote comme d'hab #toc

KatMeyer: Love the #toc tweets, but raises eyebrows at future talk-to-action ratio. (via @MoriahJovan)

robotech_master: @booklorn I just know it's in the hacker mentality to do what you can to tweak off those who annoy you. No annoy = no tweak. #toc

metaprinter: #twebinar #toc follow me at 2pm for "the future of news" panel

JamesAWoods: RT @thewritermama Allow people to build on top of your content. #TOC

jasonboog: First lunchtime talking point RT @doctorow: O'Reilly piracy study: Piracy is zero sum, win some lose some, stop worrying about it. #toc

publicious: #TOC Plastic Logic reader

ljndawson: #TOC - publishers can't decide how their audience is going to behave.

jasonboog: RT @totai: Random House rep says it's a tough sell to expect a consumer to come to a single publisher's website - #toc

jennifertribe: RT @jasonboog: new video up @doctorow versus AG at #toc

sarieb: #toc gavin bell: follow activity around relationship with people who like cooking, travel

geoffcox: Getting really jazzed about the design-driven automation Typéfi is demonstrating. #toc

thedigitalist: #toc book as souvenir is true in trade but you can seldom play to that over mass market factors

Liza: Nice to finally see the PlasticLogic prototype (has awesome auto-syncing annotation feature @jschneider). #toc

kate_eltham: Sooner we understand how audiences ACTUALLY work on web instead of how we'd like them to work the sooner we can get down to business #toc

eykd: Simple web applications bridge the gap between complexity and normal people. #toc

evo_terra: Breaking from the firehose that is the #toc tweetstream to nab some nourishment. Forgot breakfast!

aaronhierholzer: Challenging Notions of "Free" panel=great. Wish title had been more descriptive of focus on P2P piracy—almost skipped it, glad I didn't #toc

eykd: Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick two. (Hint: Pick Fast and Cheap.) #toc

duncan: Tim O'Reilly on stage at #TOC:

cindi: really loving the tweets from @doctorow, who's at Tools of Change O'Reilly conf. Yes, THAT O'Reilly. #toc

cindi: and THAT @doctorow. #toc

CathleenRitt: @zzgavin I enjoyed your presentation #TOC

pablod: @JeremiahTolbert but how many seeds on that file? #toc

DrRebecca: Have challenges in your life opened your heart? #toc PLEASE RT!

CathleenRitt: Does anyone in Broadway North have Shazam? I like this song. #TOC

eykd: Potential Problems in Community: those delightful heretics from down the lane. #toc

thewritermama: End of session with Gavin Bell. #TOC

lolis18: I'm searching for _#TOC_ live on TweetGrid Search - #TOC

lolis18: #TOC