angelinaward: Success and Failure, been waitn' for this session #toc

eykd: XML: Clarification: They outsource the actual keying-in of the XML tags to India, then editors check it, and validators validate it. #toc

laurahazardowen: Jeff Jarvis: AP is dangerous bc it doesn't link back to original. BTW, HuffPo doesn't in its Google Reader feed either. Fix this. #TOC

dskaletsky: Appingo production management solution presenting at #TOC - Columbia room

robertheym: @RandomHouseCA Sure if the value of the book outweighed the cost in terms of time and annoyance of the ads. Same as TV/google #toc

mikecane: AMAZING that what seemed NOT to be said in ANY session about "news" has been the phrase "the public good." #TOC

KathrynC: @TOCConNow #toc People will continue to pay for books; issue isn't price point but push of distribution. If pull/not push=>underdistributed

mr_random: RT @mikecane @doctorow has been providing needed intellectual counterpoint to the unchallenged inanities that seem to be embraced at #TOC

AinsleySparkes: @RandomHouseCA It depends, if they were ads for similar books, no. But anything non-book/reading related, probably. #toc

angelajames: @RonHogan #toc I'll be playing toc bingo during your panel. Make me a winner!

mikecane: Maybe the news business needs to get back to its "public good" roots. Ya think? #TOC

jasonboog: RT @timoreilly Google trend on "pdf download ebooks" via @basirat: Look at the countries. That's oppty #toc

chelseagreen: About to go onstage. Room is filling. Good turnout. #toc

TOCConNow: by @kate_eltham: #toc @doctorow People want it=demand=commercial market. Variable is "how much?" or "how many people" which dictates size...

angelajames: Lunch date went long (great lunch) so I missed first afternoon #toc panels

roofone: Retweeting @timoreilly: RT @jwikert: #TOC Wanna see the new Safari mobile UI? Till midnight tonight, use ID: toc2009, password: toc: ht ...

eykd: @mikecane: I feel like it's been a while since "public good" came into it. #toc

rnantel: Anyone know how many people attended the 2009 O'Reilly TOC conference? #TOC

eykd: S/F: Success and Failure. Except, not much failure, apparently. "Struggle", "Temporary Setbacks". Right. #toc

margopbaldwin: #TOC success stories panel is getting going. no failures!

mikecane: Hey, newspeople! Citizen Kane: Kane's manifesto! #TOC

thewritermama: Success stories and failure in digital publishing starts now. Not much failure though. Some struggle but mostly successes. #TOC

davegray: Next: successes and failures in digital publishing (panel) #toc

TOCConNow: by @RandomHouseCA: As a reader would you mind of there were ads in your books? #toc

netfortius: RT @timoreilly #TOC Wanna see the new Safari mobile UI? Till midnight tonight, use ID: toc2009, password: toc - perfect on my nokiaE61i

angelinaward: failures being reported? Why not just call is successes? Failures can teach us a lot. #toc

chapmanchapman: at the “Success Stories and Failures in Digital Publishing” panel. #toc

eykd: SF: Looks like i'm not the only tweeter in this crowd. Pressure's off. ;) #toc

mikecane: I do not want ads in books. LIBRARY loans have NO ADS. #TOC #getreal

BookNet_Canada: bookstores have automated systems for keeping track of inventory none of them are exposed. Bookstores are not fundamentally online #toc

davegray: - #toc panel. Guy meant to say HP scans but said HP scams. Tee hee

zzgavin: in the greening the book industry session at #toc

eykd: SF: Kindle, ebooks, and mesh networks. Interesting. #toc

davegray: DC denison @ #toc I wanted to make an ebook from scratch

twopularFeed: 8 hours: iPhone 7.50, Twestival 7.30, V-day 6.15, Chris Brown 6.00, #TOC 5.45, Valentine's Day 5.05, #dev8D 4.45, Brett Favre 4.05

thewritermama: DC Dennison: Wanted to create an ebook. Went to Amazon. Spent a couple days drafting and then wrote in html. #TOC

eykd: SF: Simple ebook on Kindle, straight HTML and images. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? #toc

robotech_master: @randomhouseca I've actually bought print books that had ads in them. Old mens-adventures with a cigarette ad bound into the middle. #toc

davegray: 72 hours later my book was for sale on the amazOn store #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - Successes and Failures - DC Dennison talking about creating ebooks from scratch.

jaygarmon: Okay, the #toc tag results are the most useful this twitter has ever produced. Seriously.

edwinalui: #toc Travel pub: focus on how your users access content, where, and why

mikecane: @robotech_master Yes, and those ads FAILed. And writers got NO cut from them. Scummy publishers! #TOC

eykd: SF: 72 hrs later, on the website. Next, Mobipocket. A little tweaking. 2 hours later, on the store. Easy-peasy. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - too many formats for authors to do create ebooks themselves. Gotta go to all these different sites - sh/be a clearinghouse.

thewritermama: Next he tried Mobipocket. Pretty much the same method of using html, two hours later he was done. #TOC

RonHogan: surprised at how few people are at the green publishing #toc panel

trovebooks: Sessions all running together in my head now. Memory may be full. #toc

davegray: Mobipocket also went very smoothly. #toc

eykd: SF: Next, PDF! That should be easy, right? Nope, guess not. Hyperlinks broke, images broke, formatting broke. #toc

mathewi: RT @Brydon: RT @doctorow: The fact that people want something, the fact that it's good, does not mean that its commercially viable. #toc

robotech_master: @RonHogan Maybe they all think it's not *easy* being green. #toc

thewritermama: Wanted to then try PDF and ran into problems. No links, no images, or displayed the ebook in html for readers. #TOC

zzgavin: environmental benchmarking survey from Book Industry Standards Group & Green Press Initiative approx 9lbs per book #toc

mikecane: @eykd Yeah, let him try ePUB! NOT easy-peasy! #TOC

RonHogan: publishing's carbon footprint, 2006: 12.4M metric tons #toc

eykd: SF: Call a designer. 22 hours at $35/hr. porting to InDesign. No way! #toc

davegray: Converting my HTML to PDF was surprisingly a nightmare. #toc

mathewi: RT @balleyne: RT @doctorow What's worse than being linked to a lot and not knowing how to monetize it? Not being linked to at all. #toc

edwinalui: #toc disconnect btwn what pubs and customers consider their "best" content? what actually motivates a sale? what prevents it?

eykd: SF: Next, oooh, emerging EPUB. Shiny. Oops. He's trying oXygen next. Probably going to be a sad story. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - no wonder more authors don't release their books themselves - it's a right royal pain in the keister

ljndawson: #TOC - my boyfriend says I'm well-formed, and my colleagues say I'm valid - does that make me XML?

eykd: SF: The "well-formed, validated lifestyle" of XML. #toc

davegray: XML was a lot stricter that I was used to but I came to love the structured, well-formed validated lifestyle that we know as XML #toc

eykd: SF: DocBook, complete with the ORLY book (though out of print). Some happiness, but not clear where to go next. #toc

thewritermama: Downloaded Oxygen. Started changing to XML. Used DocBook to associate his doc to the web. #TOC

jtallent: Very interesting to see how the conversion process happens for a non-techie. #toc

nanlamb: "making an impact with travel content"...making me want to book a trip...must focus #toc

ArdiXIV: RT @davegray: NYT will add QR codes in the next few months #toc

qrcoder: RT @davegray: NYT will add QR codes in the next few months #toc

robotech_master: RT @ljndawson: #TOC - my boyfriend says I'm well-formed, and my colleagues say I'm valid - does that make me XML? #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - shoutout to Liza Daly's Bookworm - go Liza!!!!

eykd: SF: Oh, this is DocBook. I know this. ;) #toc

cmaisannes: #TOC Panelist: "XML is a lot stricter than I was used to, but after a while, I started to enjoy the well-formed, validated lifestyle."

KatMeyer: DC Denison - relating a very goldilocksian story of his search 4 perfect ebook formatting...#TOC

eykd: SF: Takeaway from EPUB: have O'Reilly do it for you. ;) #toc

thewritermama: Contacted a consultant, Liza Daly. Said he could use Open Source tools to get 90% of the way. #TOC

bfelix25: #toc : anyone recall the name of the book Tim mentioned that was his example of an annotatable book?

eykd: SF: Or maybe she was a consultant. #toc

JohnMontalbano: Publishing problem: RT @thewritermama: But like other industries it's understandable to protect the past rather than create the future. #TOC

RonHogan: #toc so far the green panel is primarily charts and graphs from the BISG environmental study.

bookhling: RT @qrcoder: RT @davegray: NYT will add QR codes in the next few months #toc

philzuck: What if the future of the book looks like a book?#toc

thewritermama: So it wasn't that bad and now he wants to write more ebooks. #TOC

KatMeyer: DC Denison: doc book schema 4 xml to bookworm was "just right" (thanx to @Liza). #TOC

eykd: SF: "Now that I'm working in XML" ready for what's next. And XML was JUST RIGHT. #toc

geoffcox: There are 10,623 travel websites in the USA. #toc

eqhes: RT: @qrcoder: RT @davegray: NYT will add QR codes in the next few months #toc

booksquare: RT @chapmanchapman: Workflow Fantasy idea #23: Ah, if only our authors composed in epub xml format... #toc

eykd: SF: Glad to hear that DocBook was a sweet spot, since we're adopting it for our backlist. #toc

mikecane: So where is this ePub edition on sale then? #TOC

davegray: Now that I am working in XML I feel pretty confident that I can port it (my ebook) onto just about any other format #toc DC Denison

JohnMontalbano: RT @KathrynC: #toc @RonHogan publishing couldn't do what Google because they would have had to renegotiate all their contracts - True

chapmanchapman: Denison take-away: Working in xml was helpful. He still couldn't do the epub conversion on his own, though... #toc

eykd: SF: Andrew Malkin. #toc

marcyjill: Found a family member on one of the panels today. #toc

davegray: - Next up, Andrew Malkin forming norming storming and performing #toc

thedigitalist: #toc "forming, storming, norming, performing". Ick.

RonHogan: #toc let's increase use of recycled fibers, and max our use certified paper. offset transit costs. turn off lights in office. etc.

KPub: #toc: Interesting that I didn't see familar faces at this event that I normally see at BEA and other publishing conferences. Who attended?

mikecane: RT @chapmanchapman [TRUNCATED] He still couldn't do the epub conversion on his own, though... #toc -- AHA! And thought it was just ME!

ljndawson: #TOC - Rodale talking now - disorganized digital strategy.

eykd: SF: In the beginning, sounds like efforts were scattered. #toc

Josh_Smith: Judging from the #TOC tweets I wish I was there.

jmandala: RT @timoreilly: RT @jwikert: #TOC Wanna see the new Safari mobile UI? Till midnight tonight, use ID: toc2009, password: toc: http://tin ...

eykd: SF: I missed what the end goal is supposed to be, and I don't recognize some of the acronyms. :( #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - one of the hugest issues in digitization is contracts/rights. Change has happened so quickly that contracts haven't kept up.

eykd: SF: Okay, I think they're trying to get their backlist into Print on Demand. Maybe? #toc

MoriahJovan: @robotech_master #toc I hunt down the Spousal Unit when the interwebs grinds to a halt for, uh, RESEARCH for next book.

kwohlrob: Beware of presentations with too many bullet points #TOC

eykd: SF: Ah, turn-over causes problems, indeed. Lost knowledge. #toc

RandomHouseCA: People seem divided on the ads in books question. Would you actively not buy a book with an ad in it? #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - I'm glad Rodale brought up the backlist issue - that is so freaking enormous - I can never find what I want for my Kindle

mikecane: @kwohlrob You are at #TOC?

geoffcox: Buzzword for #ToC 2008 --> Disintermediate; ToC 2009 --> Curate

robotech_master: @RandomHouseCA Depends how obtrusive the ad, and whether I could rip it out w/o harming the rest. Or are you talking e-books? #toc

Liza: For @dcdenison I'm using docbook xslt + epub-tools on G Code. Missing piece for him is easy one-click tool - I'm not a desktop app dev #toc

thewritermama: Andrew Malkin, Overbrook Consutling: Found outside vendor, pricing, digital team, speaking to other companies, catching up..#TOC

BookNet_Canada: "it's funny we're using Amazon as a good example for web services but a bad example for DRM" #toc

eykd: SF: $10.42 to ship one book? seriously. #toc

nanlamb: “value of information is its organization; the value of advice is its trust” Cree Lawson on importance of travel guides #toc

jmcgee: RT @MaryHodder: RT @doctorow: To double your success, triple your failures #toc #ffc09

edwinalui: RT @nanlamb: “value of information is its organization; the value of advice is its trust” Cree Lawson on importance of travel guides #toc

CathleenRitt: like a dummy I sat in the middle of the row, not the best position for ducking out #TOC

Liza: Also doing some customizations to the XSLT - epub output is great but usually requires some tweaking. #toc

eykd: SF: Communication problems. Kindle formatting problems. Kindle communication problems. #toc

chapmanchapman: Andrew Malkin's going over my head now. Also, I thankfully don't work this closely w/ supply chain #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - Rodale titles don't do well on the Kindle because they are heavily designed.

ClementineNYC: solitude de la salle de presse où il n'y a que des vieux moustachus #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - Amazon apparently does not make it easy for publishers to get reports on how well their Kindle titles are doing.

eykd: SF: Norming. Solve the communication problem with monthly meetings across workflow. Vague reference to widgets. I don't get it. #toc

aneel: rt @timoreilly: I must be a geek. At Marriot Marquis for #toc. Smart elevators. Kept pressing 0 for ground floor. Got ??. Me: ?? Ah! 1!

mikecane: RT: @ljndawson: #TOC - Amazon apparently does not make it easy for publishers to get reports on how well their Kindle titles are doing.

angelajames: #toc thinking about our panel yest., hope our message about devices for women was understood: they should appeal to women aesthetically

eykd: SF: Google book search useful for identifying demand. Interesting. #toc

angelajames: #toc doesn't mean they have to be pink, just that they need to be trim and sleek, fit in a purse and not be too incredibly fugly (Kindle)

eykd: SF: Need leadership. Expect change. Words that begin with P. Year of the ox. Right. #toc

margopbaldwin: #TOC Jesse is up! this is going to be the most exciting presentation because it goes beyond nuts and bolts.

eykd: SF: I think he was trying to cover too much in that one. Next! #toc

robotech_master: @randomhouseca Remember, people don't (as a rule) LIKE ads. They block them on their computers, skip them on their TIVOs. #toc

eykd: SF: Jesse on Content and Community with sustainable living and green stuff. Nice. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - Chelsea Green - Jesse McDougal [sic]. 18-20 people - Vermonters.

davegray: Chelsea Green up next #toc

eykd: SF: Moribund old website No growth. #toc

thewritermama: Jessie McDougal: Started out product-focused. Fixed content. Traffic was up and down. No growth. #TOC

robotech_master: @RandomHouseCA To see them pop up in something that's been traditionally ad-free might provoke a backlash. #toc

pdlug: #toc session on digital successes and failures, I think publishers still don't get digital, go hire a few techies to explain it to you guys

davegray: We had no real sustained growth over time on our website. that needed to change #toc

thewritermama: Had great green and sustainable living content but it was trapped in the books. Had to get the content out. #TOC

MoriahJovan: RT @mikecane @ljndawson #toc You got that right. If one were more conspiracy minded...

thewritermama: We had great content but people couldn't find it so we created a community focused on great content. #TOC

davegray: "Cory Doctorow says conversation is king, but without the content there's no conversation" #toc

eykd: SF: Two methods: 1. Blogosphere. Excerpt books, chapters, prefaces, web videos, throw them up on the new blogsite. All original. #toc

thewritermama: Edited, excellent, expert content. Excerpts from books, web videos, interviews, podcasts, all original. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC - "sucked out into the content vacuum of the blogosphere" - absolutely. Huge need for GOOD content.

chapmanchapman: Jesse McDougall of Chelsea Green - their strategy is pretty basic: add content to their site to boost traffic. #toc

thewritermama: Our theory was that the content would get sucked out into the blogosphere. #TOC

davegray: Original content. If we make it quality and you make it distributable, it will be sucked out onto the vaccuum of the blogosphere #toc

eykd: SF: 2. Joined up with the social networks. Cast a wide net. #toc

KathrynC: #toc Tools of Chnage Conf on Flickr

ljndawson: #TOC - @Macslocum - what is it with all these Emerson grads here? You people are taking over.

MoriahJovan: Oops bad RT. RT: @mikecane @ljndawson #toc Amazon doesn't make it easy for publishers to get [Kindle title] reports. [Truncated] Indeed.

eykd: SF: Social networks and blogs are NOT a magic bullet. RESIST THE URGE TO MARKET. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - "Resist the urge to market your stuff." - Jesse

thewritermama: Got out into social networks: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, You Tube, Good Reads, professional networking. #TOC

margopbaldwin: #TOC sustainable living lives. taking the lead in terms of content. social networks as tools to get it out there.

thewritermama: Resist the urge to market or promote. Don't promote on Facebook. #TOC

kwohlrob: Good lesson from Chelsea Green: resist the urge to market on social networks. #TOC

chapmanchapman: On the social networks, "resist the urge to market to the users." You're there to learn, to interact. #toc

eykd: SF: Twitter's been awesome. Yep, it's esoteric. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - Chelsea Green's "Post this to Twitter" feature - sounds GREAT!

KatMeyer: McDougall: re: facebook, etc. - "when on there, resist the urge to market. " #TOC

thewritermama: Twitter is great. Get involved. We're constantly Twittering. Instant recomendations for Twitter. #TOC

CuriousTwit: likes the way Americans say 'niche' to rhyme with 'itch' rather than 'quiche' -- I say tomato... at #toc

thewritermama: If you recommend the book, you get a chance to win. #TOC

eykd: SF: Run twitter contests with "suggest a book" promotions. #toc

davegray: People are not on facebook to be marketed at. Resist the urge. Yes you are growing your market but thru genuine interactions. #toc

robotech_master: @CuriousTwit Well pun of a niche. :) #toc

KatMeyer: McDougal: twitter contests r posted on the Chelsea Green site. great way to get people to tweet about your books. #TOC

jasonboog: #toc Jesse McDougall of Chelsea Green is showing how to run a website and use Twitter...

robotech_master: That "resist the urge to market" thing puts me in mind of Cluetrain Manifesto. #toc

thewritermama: Chelsea Green's website is a blog with new content every day. Have invited all of their authors to come and blog whatever they want. #TOC

chapmanchapman: Chelsea Green's site is news/story-oriented, not title-oriented. Smart. #toc

jasonboog: #toc It worked:

modernevil: @KatMeyer If your panel were now, I'd switch. SF stories not doin' much for me. #ToC

davegray: All Chelsea Green authors can blog on the CG home page about anything they want #toc

eykd: SF: Give central clearinghouse for news, videos, etc. from authors. Provide valuable content to readers, and they'll keep coming back. #toc

kwohlrob: Another good lesson from Chelsea Green: let your authors blog on your site. #TOC

robotech_master: In fact, a lot of the stuff about "conversations" reminds me of Cluetrain. I guess the Cluetrain is pulling into the station again. #toc

thewritermama: We put up video clips by our authors that is related to a book they sell. Has created a compelling site for authors to participate. #TOC

RonHogan: holy cow. I just met nina paley in the speaker's lounge. @scalzi says I'm a geek but I prefer the term fanboy #toc

eykd: SF: Now some basic blog advice. Comments are great. Make posts easy to send to digg et al. #toc

BookNet_Canada: Librarything 'might be good if there was a giant cloud of ONIX that everyone could have access to' #toc

mikecane: Sessions with non-fiction remind me of Jules Verne's Paris in the 20th Century. #TOC Science! Commerce! Art? Uh, what's that?

eykd: SF: Concerted effort results in BIG boost in traffic. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - I think tomorrow I'm going to be curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth, twitching - v. intense here. Decompression in 3..2..1..

slipdown: RT @ljndawson: #TOC - Rodale titles don't do well on the Kindle because they are heavily designed. [Worse. Many think we're being cheated]

tweet_trends: #toc: [twitter]

mikecane: @RonHogan Oh, so @scalzi IS at #TOC?

thewritermama: Chelsea Green hasn't gotten the Tim O'Reilly bump YET, but they are working on it! :) #TOC

davegray: Result: all trends up and steady growth, great PR, building an online community, sales up #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - AND PEOPLE NEED TO SIT IN THEIR SEATS AND STOP OPENING THE DAMN DOOR. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Molto distracting.

eykd: SF: Wow. They did this with one year of one employee, three months of two more. Not bad. #toc

margopbaldwin: #TOC Jesse did a fantastic job!

kwohlrob: is getting sick of people discussing blogging as a way to sell books, with no data to back it up (like Chelsea Green) #TOC

laurahazardowen: resources used for chelsea green site: 1 year 1 full-time employee, 3 mos of 2 full-time employees, no online advertising budget #TOC

eykd: @kwohlrob: If you build it, and they come, maybe they'll buy? :) #toc

mikecane: @kwohlrob Did you miss the "Return on Attention" meme from the other day, re: blogs sell? #TOC

eykd: SF: UM Library Reprint program. #toc

shanakimball: @msbonn on the podium talking about our reprints biz at um library. #toc

thedigitalist: #toc are doing everything right. Fab to hear of their success and that they're having fun doing it!

chapmanchapman: Can't argue with those Chelsea Green #s (every online metric is up, and record sales in 08) #toc

KathrynC: #toc @kwohlrob blogging does help sell books; but hourly return may be a lot less than writing more books to sell books

ljndawson: #TOC - UM put 12,000 titles online for free. Within six years, they were into POD because people don't want to read online.

CuriousTwit: the kitsch niche for the home decoration market or the quiche niche for flan lovers, at #toc... I'll shut up about this now.

eykd: @CuriousTwit: Mmmm... flan. #toc

shutupmeg: (@CuriousTwit) the kitsch niche for the home decoration market or the quiche niche for flan lovers, at #toc... I'll shut up about this now.

robotech_master: @CuriousTwit Would it be a little too "nichey" to talk about looking into abysses or God being dead? #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - UM trying to get 400,000 titles available for POD. Holy crap!

eykd: SF: Hmm. Will free on-line -> paid POD keep working in the World of Ebooks? Will libraries work? #toc

DavidDurand: UM library reprints. 300 copies first year, 20K last year. How many in between? #toc

shanakimball: "2008: maria's small staff crushed under the weight of our reprints program." #toc

ljndawson: #TOC - why would a library engage in POD? 20K books sold last year, that's why.

joebachana: #TOC Practical matter -- voracious readers (like me) need to 'have' the book/sitelink/sundrycontent, moving too fast to remember it existed

buzybee22: @davegray exactly re: FB, it's a reunion, interactive yearbook. Linkedin has no demension,not idea based,no buzz factor likeTwitterFB #toc

mikecane: Is UM POD only? Ignoring eInk/iPhone other screens? #TOC

robotech_master: @shanakimball Sounds like someone needs some Espresso machines. #toc

strata: Tearing myself away from the #toc tweetstream; ultra-fascinating, thanks tweeters!

DavidDurand: UM free online content is part of the marketing for these reprints. People don't read whole books online. #toc

thewritermama: How to get books that are being scanned by libraries and turned them into books. #TOC

robotech_master: What does UM stand for anyway? #toc

CuriousTwit: @robotech_master how fast does a van gogh? #toc

IslandBookworm: @RandomHouseCA He# no! No ads in books! If the book can't pay for itself maybe it shouldn't be published. #toc

modernevil: Wondering if UM rep is saying "um" more as repitition of brand. SF #ToC

Liza: Loving this UM Library presentation using POD and rare 19th century books. #toc

RonHogan: about to start our #toc panel. we're the boys in the chorus, we hope you like our show!

joebachana: #TOC wish O'Reilly didn't Bogart the term "espresso machine" ,which is a lovely device for preparation of strong coffee and should remain so

shanakimball: HP is helping us convert scanned page image files to print quality ones. #toc

angelinaward: #toc Anyone here have experience selling industry reports or market research...electronically? DM me, would like to talk.

thewritermama: First they have to take the yucky scanned color out of the copy and if there is one, out of the image. #TOC

robotech_master: Is it University of Michigan, that library that's working with Google? #toc

eykd: SF: LOTS of difficulties in scanning old books. Sheesh. #toc

strata: oh, weird, not seeing tweets from @susanmernit or @corydoctorow in search.twitter under #toc?!

kwohlrob: is learning more about scanning ancient texts than he ever wanted to know. #TOC

thewritermama: Clean up, develop covers, manage metadata, prepare to send to different sellers. #TOC

RandomHouseCA: Thanks for all the feedback re: ads in books, it's a very theoretical question from Heather who is at #TOC and is hearing all the buzz -Jess

kishizuka: In #toc session on greening the book industry, Random House has dedicated "green" team, but lost two members to layoffs.