ljndawson: #TOC - Andrew Malkin - his business is way cool. Cleanup of scans, metadata, sales platform (widget)

robotech_master: @strata will help you keep track. #toc

mikecane: @strata Both have been quiet for some time. And search twitter doesn't carry everything, like Google. #TOC

eykd: SF: UM == University of Michigan. #toc

SmartBitches: @angelajames #toc and that like shopping for prices, we like options to customize and make our devices unique.

thewritermama: Wait to process the books until people are demanding it and pay for it. #TOC

joebachana: #TOC actually, scanning old texts is an art and science, its an amazing field of work

TOCConNow: by @kishizuka: In #toc session on greening the book industry, Random House has dedicated "green" team, but lost two members to layoffs.

mikecane: @SmartBitches I have seen custom Sony Reader covers on etsy, fyi. #TOC

angelajames: #toc up next, A Study in Online Community Building: @RonHogan (, John Scalzi and Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Tor)

mikecane: OMGZZ! @scalzi is in actual panel! #TOC I of course was ignorant of this. Obv!

Jesper69Green: #ToC Trend: "Print on demand ready" will stress people to print a new chapter of their life in beta every week. Life is public and retro.

angelajames: #toc love that in these rooms they've run big power outlets next to seats to plug laptops in. WIN!

modernevil: As I become increasingly aware that I'm certainly competent & knowledgable enough to be a speaker at #ToC I'm feeling more confident here.

marind: #TOC Les guides de voyage en ligne - (du vrai live blogging)

marind: #TOC Les projets de l'Open publishing lab -

modernevil: Next up: Youth & Creativity #ToC

laurahazardowen: panel on young people is being run by two real young people. yay! #TOC

angelajames: #toc while we're waiting for this panel to start, can I just say that I feel I've been going nonstop for three days. This con rocks.

honeymae: if i gave awards today, the first one would go to @thewritermama ... thank you for twittering #TOC!

metaprinter: @themediaisdying #toc the news will survive was the concensus today

mikecane: Is anyone tweeting the TOR panel?!!? #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud panel - Kassia, Brian O, Mac, Kirk Biglione (Kassia's DH), Kat Meyer

KathrynC: #toc sci fi guys about to start in Broadway N

ami_with_an_i: @Kat Meyer, in her bio: "it's the reader, stupid." <3!! #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Brian is a tool. Of change.

angelajames: #toc @RonHogan is moderating. Why did you go online and start doing this and when did you realize community forming around it?

mikecane: OMG! @KatMeyer and @scalzi on different panels at same time?! Scheduling FAIL! #TOC #riot

kwohlrob: Agrees with one of his colleagues, conference should have been named TOC 2007 since there were no new ideas this year. #TOC

thewritermama: Where do you go with 40,000 readers? session now... #TOC

KathrynC: #toc scalzi: Internet exists to amuse us.

angelajames: #toc @scalzi started because I wanted to keep sharp in mode of communication [reporting].

eykd: TOR: Scalzi explains how he took a layoff and made a website in 1998. A "column" that ended up as a blog. #toc

laurahazardowen: ok obviously teens are the next generation of consumers. now let's dive in. #TOC

worleygirl: @kwohlrob HA! I concur. #TOC

angelajames: #toc @scalzi was one of 1st to do it 10 years ago and people kept coming back regularly because it was amusing content

thewritermama: @scalzi Started his Whatever blog to amuse audiences. He's been blogging for ten years. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - starting w/Amazon. Kassia: love/hate relationship - is it more love than hate?

angelajames: #toc @scalzi traffic doubled once switched to community feel and allowing people to comment and feel like part of site

thewritermama: Started after a layoff of one. And now he's doing better then the industry. #TOC

toc: There should be more people in this youth and culture panel, it's important data #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC cloud tag - Kassia: last year at BEA, Bezos basically said, "I'm out to destroy your business" - please do more to open AMZN up.

joebachana: #TOC : Bezos "out to rule your world"

ClementineNYC: Online commnuity building : John Scalzi, auteur de SF, a construit une fan-base sur son blog Whatever depuis 1998. #toc

eykd: TOR: Tobias started off in college, with an assignment. #toc

angelajames: #toc @tobiasbuckell college project: create profile (10 years ago) and decided to do a website of journey to novelist

DavidDurand: #toc blog topics: at BEA Jeff Bezos basically said we want to destroy your business... received an ovation.

joebachana: #TOC will this be an anti-Amazon rant? Businesses seek opportunity , particularly in a vacuum

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Brian: Google looks to grow the size of the pie, AMZN looks to grow their size of it.

eykd: TOR: Long, slow, steady approach to growing a readership. Provide something interesting every day. #toc

ClementineNYC: @scalzi : « The internet exists to amuse us» :-) #toc

worleygirl: Wow. People are totally freaked out by Amazon. Everyone's afraid that they are taking control...of pricing, of name it. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Kirk: AMZN web service is great, cloud is great, but they are playing from the Apple playbook w/the Kindle.

angelajames: #toc @tobiasbuckell people became part of my community n rooted for me n wanted me 2succeed. Harnessed that to write novels n online content

kate_eltham: We've heard about using community to participate in finishing products. Toby Buckell is an author who was finished by community. #TOC

thewritermama: Tobias Buckell start to chronicle his journey to becoming an author and others started championing him. #TOC

robotech_master: @worleygirl Shades of "Microsoft". #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Kirk: Oprah held up the Kindle and that was it - the Kindle is like Kleenex. It IS the ebook.

eykd: TOR: Gateway -vs- Destination blogging. Destination is the place to be. #toc

KathrynC: #toc scalzi: distinction between gateway posting & destination posting

hentosz: @scalzi That's fine, but you forgot a hash tag. I'd still watch my back if I were you. #TOC

angelajames: #toc "gateway blogging" is shunting people elsewhere versus "destination blogger" who creates cool content

mikecane: RT: @DavidDurand: @KatMeyer : I don't think Amazon cares about readers. #toc

thewritermama: Gateway blogging vs. destination blogging. Send ppl. vs. create cool content. You want to be pointed at. #TOC

kate_eltham: Writers want to know about process. I imagine a lot of Toby's online community is made up of other aspiring and emerging authors. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - from the audience - design isn't as great w/Kindle as it was with iPod. Kirk: new types of Kindles iterating quick

Sol613: @michaelhyatt on blogging at #toc 12 reasons why. 1: because u have something to say

angelajames: #toc @RonHogan how long a leash do you put on for community standards and do you pull leash eventualy. Answer emphatically yes from panel

eykd: Oh well. Gotta go catch a plane. Signing off. #toc

thewritermama: @Scalzi You don't get a choice who you attract to your website. There a bunch of different kinds of people. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - audience q: why aren't pubs talking to Plastic Logic or other mfrs and pressure AMZN for openness

RITOPL: #TOC - O'Rielly Panel - We're one device away from the (ebook) tipping point

KathrynC: #toc gateway=>come to click on links; desinination=>come to read/see content

angelajames: #toc @scalzi you can't control the audience you attract. There are those who exist to attract trouble. This is my site, these are my rules.

DavidDurand: @joebachana But I don't bet against the great powers idly any more. You succeed from the core of good, even if there's evil too #toc

thewritermama: @Scalzi Has a site policy. Sets the tone that somebody is in change of the site. #TOC

doctorow: Linklogs and destination blogs are not mutually exclusive -- and there's not really any such thing as a site that's "just links" #toc

angelajames: #toc @scalzi if you're not here, go check out hisDisclaimer, sounds fascinating. "sets tone of someone is in charge of this site n it's me"

jasonboog: #toc @Scalzi designed a pretty handy comment policy that other writers could follow. On website, under "site disclaimer"

KathrynC: #toc scalzi's style of comment moderation

Hadrien: RT @marind: #TOC Les projets de l'Open publishing lab -

Sol613: 2: u need to engage w/the technology to be able to find the future. @michaelhyatt #toc

edwinalui: #toc tag cloud - angle to pressure amazon: encourage consumers to speak up about preferred features, etc

angelajames: #toc @scalzi says this lets people know there are rules and they have to play by them. (I love this and think bloggers should adopt it)

RITOPL: #TOC - Tag Cloud - Consumers and Publishers need the audacity to ask Amazon and other eBook devices to integrate new features...

kate_eltham: Patrick Neilsen Hayden: "Editors are always looking for authors who can keep an audience engaged & entertained on a variety of topics" #TOC

KathrynC: #toc pnh: writer making themselves an interesting online personality; suggests someone who will flourish in new media environment

InsideRIA: #TOC "Youth & Creativity: Emerging Trends in Self-expression & Publishing"; Adobe's studies of youth (& next gen of devs).

robotech_master: What's all this "tag cloud" stuff? #toc

geoffcox: Consumer demand can prevent a Kindle/DRM monopoly. We need to educate the consumers. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Kat: $359 commits you. Audience: what about iPhone? Stanza.

edwinalui: #toc tag cloud - interoperability Bren devices is key

steveweiss: #TOC "Youth & Creativity: Emerging Trends in Self-expression & Publishing"; Adobe's studies of youth (& next gen of devs).

joebachana: #TOC Amazon can be beaten on device independence and 'bookmarked' content traveling across devices with the reader

thewritermama: Tor editor: Publishers are looking for authors they can add to their RSS Feed. It's a bonus if the author is a public personality. #TOC

kate_eltham: PNH: "In fiction readers are shopping not just for one-off books but for reliable authors, someone they can have a relationship to" #TOC

angelajames: #toc @pnh will still sell books to people not interested in the author, but there's the ability to also use author as selling point

Sol613: 3: to clarify your own thinking. 4: to create trust for ur brand by being honest/transparent. @michaelhyatt #toc

ClementineNYC: « People are shopping not only for content but for reliable authors » #toc

RITOPL: #TOC - Plastic Logic will be releasing an SDK at or soon after launch for its ebook reader.

robotech_master: Of course, only being able to get the first book in a series electronically doesn't make those relationships easy... #toc

KathrynC: #toc pnh: writer as engaging personality; cartoon of themselves

kate_eltham: PNH: "In the last decade, have a good track record of finding good authors by hanging around the internet and finding smart people." #TOC

angelajames: #toc @pnh good track record of looking for authors at online places and looking for smart posters and asking them if they write fiction

pablod: #toc @pnh finds writers not by reading slush, but by hanging out online, lookig for smart interesting ppl, and asking if they write fiction.

toc: #toc exhibitor Kirtas Technologies (thx!) announced that, w/ Penn Libraries, will make more than 200K books available

robotech_master: When is Tor going to start SELLING e-books? #toc

Sol613: 5: to create repository of best thinking. Instead of journaling. @michaelhyatt #toc

KathrynC: #toc pnh tells the story of finding Jo Walton;

toc: These young creatives are behaving a lot like early open source developers #TOC

thewritermama: Aha. That's @pnh. Editors will do whatever they can to find interesting authors. #TOC

laurahazardowen: teens jump from product to product, learning each quickly. they don't buy adobe photoshop, make it a "life event," take a class. #TOC

angelajames: #toc @pnh editors adn publishers will do whatever they need to to find interesting writers and the rules change constantly(for finding them)

edwinalui: #toc tag cloud - consumers want more content, not more devices

jasonboog: #toc @pnh recruited Jo Walton after reading her comments on science fiction message boards.

pablod: #toc is an effort to engage our readers and to show authors how they can do the same thing that @scalzi and @tobiasbuckell have done

kate_eltham: PNH: is a sandbox for experimentation. #tOC

thewritermama: @pnh We want to have an engaged example for our readers and set a good example for our authors. #TOC

doctorow: @pnh Technology giveth and technology taketh away. There's an era for one kind of writer, and an era for another. #toc

trovebooks: #TOC Did you lose an earring in Broadway North, 4th row, left side? I have it.

angelajames: #toc @pnh is to provide a sandbox for experimentation, soon to be commercial/ebooks sale component to it soon

mikecane: I can rest a while. These two panels won't say stupid things. #TOC

KathrynC: #toc getting existing corp comfortable w/ interaction w/ online readers

pablod: #toc @pnh sex: is leading up to a commercial e and p book outlet. You heard it here first.

thewritermama: It's a sandbox for experimentation. Authors from other houses as guest bloggers. #TOC

trovebooks: #toc found dangly earring ... two iridescent square pieces... Broadway North

edwinalui: #toc tag cloud - missing piece of conf: how do pubs handle territory rights in ebooks?

thepublicpress: @thewritermama Thank you for the #TOC mention!

Sol613: 6: to provide venue for unveiling important news. He was more readers on blog than PW. 7:to flatten ur own organization @michaelhyatt #toc

TAC_NISO: Fascinating talk re standards this afternoon at #toc. In particular, the exchange of metadata. Openness was stressed, but formats underlie

angelajames: #toc @scalzi and @tobiasbuckell we have created fandom through our community

joebachana: #TOC Slocum should change his screen to tweetdeck so we can all follow what everyone is tweeting in this session for the subtext

Sol613: 8:to open your culture and make it more transparent. @michaelhyatt #toc

angelajames: #toc @scalzi I have the audience I have because I spent 10 years building it (early adopter advantage) not everyone can replicate it

thewritermama: @scalzi Took ten years to build his audience. He had an early advantage. #TOC

KathrynC: #toc pnh: Twitter stars of the future; oh, goodness.

doctorow: Territory rights in ebooks? Bahaha! I guess u could answer that question with whatever strategy normally used to treat hallucinations. #toc

TAC_NISO: More standards: NISO undertaking a research study with OCLC on describing & improving the flow of metadata from publisher to libraries #toc

angelajames: #toc @scalzi is becoming similar: destination site for readers and writers (positioned to be an early adopter of this)

Sznq: RT @doctorow Technology giveth and technology taketh away. There's an era for one kind of writer, and an era for another. #toc

robotech_master: @doctorow Tell that to Hachettes. #toc

thewritermama: @scalzi You can build buzz either organically or as a biz model. The site on Tor raises all the boats. #TOC

kate_eltham: #toc @RonHogan Bingo! Ron said "raising all boats." ;-p

angelajames: #toc @pnh @RonHogan is not just for tor books (something I didn't know until Monday) but for other writers/publishers

joebachana: #TOC Reality check: Is the iPhone REALLY a device people will read BOOKS on? Sure, short-form snips/chunks, but a whole book? not me on mine

KathrynC: #toc pnh: arguing about comment handling more than any other aspect of site; not a bunch of press releases; destination

thewritermama: @pnh Biggest conversations took place around which conversations would be moderated. #TOC

angelajames: #toc @pnh idea of it being a destination for others is a key component

laurahazardowen: "Patricia" sees herself as apprentice to "Venomous Emma" learning Photoshop techniques. Return of craft mentality. #TOC

kate_eltham: PNH: is meant to be an actual online place that readers enjoy hanging out in. Not a channel for a bunch of press releases. #TOC

DavidDurand: Tag cloud on rights. I keep wondering why publishers are letting Google take the risk on rights when the reward is the industry #toc

angelajames: #toc @tobiasbuckell don't create a website that's purely promotional, authors, bring your personality and interact

ljndawson: #TOC - connection in tag cloud panel is awful

mikecane: @doctorow THE fight is RIGHTS REVERSIONS. These pricks are STARVING OOP writers, goddammit! #TOC

joebachana: #TOC Reality check: Is the iPhone REALLY a device people will read BOOKS on? Sure, short-form snips/chunks, but a whole book?

KathrynC: #toc TB: authenticity in writers sites; conversation, not press releases. Engage honestly & authenticly

angelajames: #toc @tobiasbuckell the ability to engage produces more longterm results than just vomiting content

thewritermama: RT @thepublicpress: @thewritermama Thank you for the #TOC mention! (I'm reporting on sessions from TOC.) #TOC

pablod: Authenticity is key, sez @tobiasbuckell. Talking with your readers better than talking at your readers. #toc

kate_eltham: Toby Buckell: Honest & authentic desire to engage customers produces more long term results than simply vomiting content does. #TOC

Hadrien: Tell this to Hachette Cory... RT @doctorow: Territory rights in ebooks? Bahaha! #toc

booktype: Downloaded the Best of TOC ebook bundle, put it on Bookworm, and loaded it into Stanza. Very nice. #toc

laurahazardowen: Researchers saw a lot of mentorship among the teens. They also ask each other for critiques of their work. #TOC

pikafoop: @joebachana I've read whole books on handhelds, but as my co-workers would attest, I have an affinity for teeny text. #TOC

kate_eltham: TB: Blogs tend to facilitate "talking down to" voice, one-to-many communication. Twitter levels the playing field. #TOC

Sol613: 9: provides mechanism for near-instant feedback. @michaelhyatt #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - territorial rights are a huge issue online but not in physical realm.

Springbaby31: #TOC Where Do You Go with 40,000 Readers? A Study in Online Community Building

thewritermama: @scalzi Don't pretend there is no promo value in my blog. Don't treat your readers like monkeys. #TOC

joebachana: #TOC Actually love my kindle, but when at the treadmill, how cool would it be to plug in a flash key to the screen and pick up the reading?

KathrynC: #toc Scalzi: treat audience like people with whom you are having a rational conversation

SmartBitches: #toc as I mentally percolate on the ToC, I still think that pub and tech and author were repped but not as much the reader - a notable miss

nanlamb: attending the youth and creativity panel. subsequently feeling mad inadequate. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - issues of portability from reader to reader: this guy in the audience said the magic world: Mac's eyes just lit up.

robotech_master: @thewritermama Are you replying to Scalzi or quoting him? #toc

toc: Creative youth behave like mash up of hackers and makers (the good kind of hackers) #TOC

kate_eltham: #toc Bingo again! Ron used his tupperware party metaphor - which I love by the way.

Sol613: 10: to provide unfiltered communications channel. @michaelhyatt #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud: Mac is struggling to keep control because piracy is his FAVORITE ISSUE TO TALK ABOUT.

joebachana: #TOC or at the beach/pool, my device could be something a bit more waterproof than Kindle, mobile, or paper (don't know what that would be)

thewritermama: @Scalzi I have an interest in publishing, in writers, in reading. #TOC

Springbaby31: #TOC "don't treat people as monkeys to be marketed to [via twitter and social media]"

angelajames: #toc @scalzi beneficial to talk about myself but beneficial to talking about other writers

kate_eltham: PNH: Bestow credit on as many authors as possible. "Whuffie" again. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - how do we monetize the book when content can be free or cheap? Music model - concerts

doctorow: @ErrorJustin Here's a quarter, go buy a terabit from S3 #toc

KathrynC: #toc bestow credit & credibility on as many people as possible; obligations to your community;

Sol613: 11: to enable you to position yourself as a leader and an influencer. @michaelhyatt #toc

angelajames: #toc @scalzi segment on site called "the big idea" and give site over to another writer to talk about one thing interesting about their book

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Brian: Great time for publishing, bad time for publishers.

modernevil: Too much good info in Y&C panel to tweet from my iPhone. Taking paper notes - more than almost any other session, already. #ToC

thewritermama: @scalzi You have opportunities and obligations to your readers. Promoting other writers is a benefit in and of itself. #TOC

laurahazardowen: Teens use super-niche sites (like "Silverfish Longboarding" discussion board) as social media hubs, not just Facebook. #TOC

angelajames: #toc @scalzi big idea has become so successful is that starting in April we will be doing to take idea to its own site

mikecane: RT: @doctorow: @ErrorJustin Here's a quarter, go buy a terabit from S3 #toc -- ROTFLAMO!!!

angelajames: #toc personal note: think is a very cool concept and applaud @scalzi for the idea. Love it!

Josh_Smith: @laser O'Reilly tools of change = #toc Conference in NY -

thewritermama: @scalzi Talking about his Something useful as a by product of his blogging. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - on to Google! rights: why has the publishing industry decided to let Google take all the (non)risk regarding rights?

angelajames: #toc @scalzi it's the right time for this as other outlets are lost -- such as the book review section (of newspapers)

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Kassia: Google honestly believes that there's value to the book content.

crystaljordan: Am I the only one who has no idea what #toc means??

mr_random: RT @mikecane RT: @DavidDurand: @KatMeyer : I don't think Amazon cares about readers. #toc

doctorow: @Hadrien "Hachette" is not exclusive of "delusional" #toc

angelajames: #toc @scalzi the site will also sell advertising

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - from a publisher, "Google has ways of monetizing the content that we don't"

pablod: in collaboration with Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press #toc

thewritermama: @scalzi And we'll be doing advertising too so we can make money on this. #TOC

joebachana: #TOC Portability of content across devices is the next frontier. Technical AND business/licensing challenges to overcome

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Kat: HarperStudio inviting other publishers' marketing teams over for sharing (cookies?)

thewritermama: @crystaljordan Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in NYC. #TOC

laurahazardowen: Teens surveyed consistently using older, crappier versions of software and making do with it. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - from audience - publishers haven't got to grips with scale. Google defined scale.

mikecane: Good on ya @scalzi!! #TOC

robotech_master: @crystaljordan Nope! We answer this question repeatedly. Tools of Change publishing industry conference, NYC, where everyone twitters. #toc

kate_kulikova: Could anybody explain me what "#toc" mean? Tim O'Reilly often uses this abbreviation is his tweets.

CuriousTwit: there's a resurgence of a renaissance concept of the 'apprentice' and building on existing works in creative youth, through tech #toc

drRod: new signing party: flash mob by the espresso printer with a special PDF for the event #toc

joebachana: #TOC Awe-inspiring that this brainstorming week at TOC about how to make money in book publishing will define the industry's future

DavidDurand: Great point from audience: there's no warehouse online, so everything can sell over time.#toc

jamescraig: Awesome concept: RT @pablod: The big announcement: @scalzi launches The Big Idea as stand-alone site! #toc

Springbaby31: #TOC Don’t launch communities until they’re content-mature

KathrynC: #toc pnh: reducing friction in social interactions that are already going on

KPub: #toc Certain trends are starting to emerge: customers are willing to pay for premium content, DRM has no future, and books/ideas = community

steveweiss: #TOC Adobe youth study: For many, learning curve no longer exists. Just play w/apps until they figure them out. Google tutorials when stuck.

thewritermama: @scalzi The site already has content from what was happening on Whatever. #TOC

laurahazardowen: Teens create transient, throwaway media. They don't save it forever. Researchers couldn't always get their original files. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - what's happening in the next 5 years? Kirk: the Google rights registry.

doctorow: @pnh Modern social book marketing is sf fandom ca. 1940 #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Bowerbird pretty much ended that conversation.

worleygirl: @kate_kulikova #TOC = Tools of Change. The O'Reilly TOC for publishing conf. is going on now in NY, hence all the tweets with this hashtag.

girlinthehedge: @RandomHouseCA #toc Nope, would NOT buy a book with ads. Bad enough that there's ad placement in text sometimes: "He sipped his Starbucks."

thewritermama: @pnh@robotech_master I'm reporting on what he's saying (if not exactly then paraphrasing). #TOC

kate_eltham: PNH: Book as social network is different but also profoundly the same. Ppl have always created social experiences around what's cool. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - GBS Mobile? Kirk: really cool, but when you dig into them, it's not really a reading app yet for long-form.

kate_eltham: #toc @doctorow asks what can Tor do for authors who are already doing as well or better online on their own?

thewritermama: Cory Doctorow asks: What can Tor do for authors? #TOC

robotech_master: @thewritermama You're using the format most ppl use for twitter replies, so it looks kinda confusing. a colon or whatever might help. #toc

Sol613: Best time to blog on Tuesday (and not on the weekend). @michaelhyatt #toc

Springbaby31: #TOC what can publishers do to help their authors online?

pablod: sez @scalzi: original fiction is very useful to both established and upcoming authors. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Shaz: one of the GBS barriers is that they're streamed/tethered, not downloadable.

thewritermama: @scalzi The short fiction market is going through a tough time and Tor is helping. #TOC

jimmydare: #toc @pnh sex: is leading up to a commercial e and p book outlet. You heard it here first. (via @pablod)

CuriousTwit: their creation is about being part of an ongoing, social, stream, rather than a monolithic, discrete activity #toc

pablod: More ppl clicked on @scalzi's story on in the first two weeks than the combined circ of the big three SF/F mags. #toc

ValWorkman: @joebachana #toc brainstorming has done so more than define the publishing future. What folks have done through twitter is AWESOME

worleygirl: The #1 topic at the #TOC Tag Cloud session = FEAR, FEAR, FEAR.

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - what would your ideal e-reader look like and do? Kat: be like the Kindle (get content easily), except not connected to AMZN

mxtw4l: RT: @doctorow: Territory rights in ebooks? Bahaha! ... answer ... with whatever strategy normally used to treat hallucinations. #toc

thewritermama: @scalzi I don't need but in terms of getting folks interested in his books or science fiction in general it's great. #TOC

DavidDurand: @KatMeyer: ideal price point for reading devices $99. #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - ideal e-reader - Brian: come pre-loaded with romance novels, obviously.

KathrynC: #toc @jimmydare Hartwell/Cramer Year's Best Fantasy 9 is under contract to & will be part of that program.

Sol613: Use blogjet (windows) and ecto/mars edit. Offline creation. @michaelhyatt #toc

neutronjockey: <-- should be writing a feminist critique of instead watching #toc Damn you toc!

ami_with_an_i: #toc Ideal eReader features: get content easily w/out having to click on 100 sites, color, social features built in, cheap ($99)...

doctorow: The original Tor site was a gopher site! #toc

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Kassia's ideal e-reader - a light on it. Kirk: likes the Stanza, but wants the ability to zap between readers.

ami_with_an_i: #toc ...light, sleek, able to light up in the dark, ability to zap between different devices (ie, from kindle to iPhone).

pablod: RT @doctorow The original Tor site was a gopher site! [it was!] #toc

DavidDurand: RT @worleygirl: "The #1 topic at the #TOC Tag Cloud session = FEAR, FEAR, FEAR." -- and a real shame we're not beyond it action cures fear

toc: Remember, #toc speaker slides are going up here:

thewritermama: @mfmakichen Is that what you want me to ask? #TOC

drRod: iPod dominance is a problem? If all your customers have something, it sells lots of content, and you hate it- time for a new job? #toc

ami_with_an_i: #toc All those eReader features requested by @booksquare, @katmeyer, @kirk biglione.

DavidDurand: #toc tag cloud call from audience: ragged right margins!

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - suggestions from audience - "ragged right!" Chapter downloads are great. Want to change design at will.

thewritermama: @pnh The Tor site is not making any many but pays up to 25 cents a word for short fiction. #TOC