ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - suggestions from audience - publishers aren't really creating great first chapters for download.

ami_with_an_i: #toc Publisher need to vet 1st chapter samples better--sometimes it is mostly frontmatter & no writing.

pablod: Sez @pnh: We throw a lot of money out on ineffectual mktg. Paying top rates for short fiction on is much more effective. #toc

Sol613: @michaelhyatt #toc raves about twitter

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - Kassia - what about ebooks and readers for kids? Audience - Leapster is good for kids.

kate_eltham: RT @doctorow Word of mouth & familiarity are 85% of fic sales, 10% is cover, EVERYTHING ELSE is 5% @pnh #TOC

doctorow: @kate_eltham Srsly? #toc

thewritermama: @mfmakichen Yes, he did lose questions. He wanted to talk about it all the time. People stopped reading. Lost the will he or won't he. #TOC

ljndawson: #TOC tag cloud - audience wants social networking, portable formats in e-readers.

brendanquinn: RT @billtrippe at #toc, Gavin Bell, The Long Tail Needs Community,, thoughtful, excellent points

CuriousTwit: RT @toc Creative youth behave like mash up of hackers and makers (the good kind of hackers) #TOC

mikecane: @doctorow Where are those stats from? #TOC

thewritermama: @mfmakichen (I lost that last tweet.) He lost SOME readers but a year and a half later he had new readers interested in his books. #TOC

freppan: #toc, nyc. Hyatt just inspired me to really try twittering, thanks!

robotech_master: @mikecane Tor panel. #toc

thewritermama: @mfmakichen That's exactly right. And be continually responsive to your goals and audience. :) #TOC

robotech_master: @mikecane Specifically, @pnh at the Tor panel. #toc

freppan: #toc.

robotech_master: @freppan Welcome to the cacophony! #toc

mikecane: DAMN! BSOD at TweetGrid for #TOC

robotech_master: @freppan - Who/what panel is that? #toc

robotech_master: @mikecane Just click "search!" again and it'll clear. #toc

Brainmaker: Watching #TOC (NYC Pub Conf) from left coast, + reading Laura Weiss, has inspired this post on innovation:

kwohlrob: is wondering why a publishing conference only had 4 fiction writers as speakers. Content is king, the people who create it are not. #TOC

RonHogan: #toc that was fun! now to see what people said

doycet: Another snippet from the #ToC: "Word of mouth & familiarity are 85% of fiction sales, 10% is cover, EVERYTHING ELSE is 5%." (RT @doctorow)

mikecane: @kwohlrob Go read Jules Verne's Paris in the 20th Century and you'll understand why. #TOC

coquette: RT @steveweiss: #TOC "Youth & Creativity" at TOC. Study by Adobe on teens & digital media

robotech_master: Wow, everyone got all quiet alla sudden. #toc

jasonboog: #toc So strange to emerge from twitter stream and try to write something about it. Like stumbling off a gangplank

mikecane: More BSOD from TweetGrid. I have Twitter clogging on my end. No tweets. #TOC

mikecane: @jasonboog Great post! I will send it to some writers. #TOC Go @scalzi!!

jalada: @mikecane: Time for ?

angelajames: @SmartBitches readers were not as repped. At least not the discussion of the target consumer (readers) but more how to reach them #toc

mikecane: @jalada Ha! Twitterfall froze for me after 5 minutes yesterday. TweetGrid is OK. Even Twitterfox shows Twitter FAILing. #TOC

shanakimball: RT @cmaisannes Dude gives @doctorow his card, & he says "I'm out of cards, but I'm the first Cory in Google." #TOC (just heard this too!)

mikecane: Dying dinosaurs of print: -- because funny cats are so 2008!! #TOC

mikecane: Red icon at Twitterfox. Twitter has gone tits up. #TOC

robotech_master: @mikecane ITYM "twits up". :) #toc

Weegee: #toc. A fab time at a fab conference. I met lotsa nice people too. Thanks @TOC!

mikecane: Twitter must have shut down API to search twitter and TweetGrid. Both are FAIL! Tweets to Twitterfox sloooow. #TOC #FAIL

kwohlrob: Just read through the Stanza materials. So the learnings are, well nothing? #TOC

dnolan: RT @jwikert: #TOC Wanna see the new Safari mobile UI? Till midnight tonight, use ID: toc2009, password: toc:

angelajames: #toc am in back of keynote room where wall can hold me up. Wall, don't fail me now!

kwohlrob: Wow, and the friction buzzword is already old. Do we really need a buzzword for "your service pisses people off." #TOC

mikecane: @kwohlrob What do u mean re stanza? Stanza has over 1.3 million d/ls!! #TOC

freppan: @robotech_master @insanescientist #toc @michaelhyatt

ollav: #toc I don't want to have to fill out a membership form to get the free eBook. Also, email isn't case sensitive, but the form assumes it is

RonHogan: Among those who gave mt #toc panel running commentary: @pablod @doctorow @angelajames @thewritermama

mikecane: @robotech_master Is it dead for you too?! NOTHING from #TOC

pikafoop: @mikecane TweetDeck is still giving me 1-3 per minute from #TOC.

mkirschenbaum: #toc flickr: apparently only keynoters rate attention from the house photographer

toc: Come into the ballroom #toc, closing keynotes about to begin. Will you win the eReader? Gotta be here!

robotech_master: RT @kwohlrob: Wow, and the friction buzzword is already old. Do we really need a buzzword for "your service pisses people off." #TOC #toc

jdfinch: RT @pablod The big announcement: @scalzi launches The Big Idea as stand-alone site! #toc

ollav: #toc After complaining about the setup though, I have to admit the o'reilly online store is an overall good experience

modernevil: Just had an awesome conversation with Chris Baty & Mark Coker at #ToC. Surprised to be the one to introduce them to each other.

TracyMarchini: Afternoon keynotes . . . Kinda sad for #toc to end!

mkirschenbaum: #toc FB group: dead. internal conftool? dead. twitter stream? ablaze.

toc: RT @ TracyMarchini: Afternoon keynotes . . . Kinda sad for #toc to end! [Glad you were able to be here, Tracy!]

geoffcox: At the last #ToC keynote session - waiting for the chocolate and coffee to kick in. My next post will probably have lots of typos :)

robotech_master: @mikecane I'm still getting #toc tweets too. 

katlemieux: #toc

EquineMan: @Springbaby31 - What is " #TOC " times of change?

ljndawson: #TOC - adding music makes everything cooler

robotech_master: @EquineMan Tools of Change, the O'Reilly publishing industry conference in NYC. #toc

DavidDurand: @kwohlrob #toc re: Friction buzzword. I think if so many services suck, then we do need the word. It's a symptom of global suckiness.

mikecane: @kwohlrob One-click buying from FW is coming next. That'll make it explode. #TOC

Springbaby31: @EquineMan Close! #TOC is the hashtag for a tech conference in NYC Tools of Change

DavidDurand: #toc starting to wind down. Geting a bit tired. Maybe I'll win the Sony Reader!